Ocean Receding

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    The ocean is receding in Uruguay & Brazil. According to James' video there's a super vortex in the north Atlantis. This would explain the receding water because there would be low pressure and the ocean would be pushed upward beneath the anomaly. James was a member of Alien Hub.
    Major water receding again: Ocean mysteriously disappears in Brazil and anomalous tides in Chile - Strange Sounds
    His You Tube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCjCPA4n3dkHOnAFN7koLOlA

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  2. Castle-Yankee54

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    Yes I remember james.....lol.

    The issue in Saint Briac Sur Mer is the tides....had nothing to do with the weather in the North Atlantic.

    Santa Catarina also looks like they'd want the ocean to recede.
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    This video from Secureteam shows that some form of wave was being emitted from an area underwater near the Rothschilds Island in Antarctica. I think it helps compliment the previous video which features some other unique information as well.

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  4. Castle-Yankee54

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    Does this one claim the tides are affected?

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