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  1. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I had been looking at some of the threads here which look very promising.

    This discussion is based on a subject that many may not recognise?

    Relating to forums past and future.......there are a lot of things that I have noticed.

    How members are attracted to some forums and not others.

    It later becomes a 'law of Averages' irregardless on whether topics are the same.

    It seems like one forum will attract one kind of member and another a different kind of member.
    A theme builds up .

    This I believe is based on the founders aim or 'mind's eye'?

    Diversity is not always the case. Although this is said to be encouraged.

    Most UFO forums are literally debunking stations as to iron out the true meaning of the phenomena in adaptive form towards science.

    Others offer a coaxed atmosphere of 'do what you like' and even offer none members to join in discussions.
    This normally ends in a farce of delinquent attractions as idiots travel wide and far to just make a mockery of the subject. Whilst some are so crazy that they actually believe that they are aliens from Roswell.

    I think at first it makes me uncomfortable because I love this subject and hate it to be demoralised if that is the correct word?

    Time goes on and you realise that no one is really going to take a blind bit of notice . That is apart from others who share the same daft ideas.
    I say daft, but you ain't heard my stories which then gel into theirs.

    I was reading about one guy who made his way into Area 51 and picked up a drill trying to drill through a flying saucer in the compound. Having broken all his drill bits, he later resorted to an angle grinder.

    You think:- "This is crazy?" but you ain't heard half of it. Eventually all the half sane members (let us face it....we have reputation to live down...lol)

    You leave and more delinquents move in creating a mad house!

    Then another site you have the scientists as everything has to make perfect sense because their day will come when NASA reveal to the world that they had discovered alien life. As deep ventures burrowing into rocks on Mars will one day find a hairy amoeba.

    Others you can read about abductions as you think:- "Oh there is a guy here who sounds interesting"

    Only to find that 95% of all members had been abducted.
    So you think that is good as it would be interesting to hear about ETs benevolence?

    NO.........all you get is "!@@@**...and another f****** thing there is a large bruise on my left leg!"

    The problem there is...... rationalising who was on drugs and who was genuine?

    Seemed like the ones who disappeared from their bed had ended up in the farmer's field?

    They were probably just as disappointed in them as they were to the aliens?

    Then you spent the next ten minutes looking at giant bruises on various parts of their anatomy which was very distasteful!

    David Ike forums are the worst because no one is interested in David Ike.

    All you can hear is the subconscious stomp of military boots as the poor souls gathered want a revolution.

    Newbies are left running for their lives leaving false teeth and wigs behind...lol

    The best are the parapsychology forums because they are not really parapsychology but instead psychological. You see parapsychology achievements are hard to find. There are literally very few courses available because you cannot get a job afterwards.
    So you have to do with psychology where a lot of them are nurses and social service personal etc.

    You write a post and "hmmmm interesting?"

    The come back after one week as to find that they were looking inside your head because they thought you had gone away. You were just some work for them...even though you thought that you were interesting?

    Before they can kill you off, they have to love you first.

    "That poor man.....I hope he gets the help that he needs?"

    A t first you think they are talking about some suicide victim who had just been visited by the tax man, only to realise that they had been talking about you!

    The other type of forum you get are the psychic ones. They range from talking fruit bowls from China to cleanse you house for $400 to the tele-psychic at $80 a time.

    Plus the more distinguished ones where everyone has a spirit guide.
    You can tell that by the amount of avatars with flying angels, cherubs, those sniffing grass and all kinds of nimbus ranging from top of the range gold to flying rays from the forehead.

    When you had found peace you had just infuriated a top psychic as to get a load of abuse.

    Only to later be told that it was not him, but his spirit guide that had created the trouble!!

    Just when you think that you were going completely crazy, he comes along with the warmest of welcome!

    So yer......you find that what happens is that the ones who belong stay and the others leave voluntary or involuntary...usually with the aid of a demon sent to you on your departure!

    As to change your religion suddenly to get the priest from your local church...lol

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  2. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Nice synopsis of UFO forumns. Your writing was fun and well placed.
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  3. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Thanks Kchoo.

    I think it is nice to talk about this subject positively.

    We get more done this way.

    If we accept this phenomena..... as I see that most do here...it is good. Or even good to try and build on it.
    For example:- Take this picture that was taken by my uncle at Canterbury Cathedral ?


    If we say that it is a ghost gliding horizontally through the open door with it's head already passed through the door, we have something for analysis.
    We could even go further and zoom into the black draped cloth which is draped downward with folds in it?
    Then further on to the design of the coat which is early 1800s.

    If we are lucky, we can find out the name of who this person was by producing a drawing?

    Now most forums will debunk it. Saying that it is smoke from burning candles. My uncle assures me that he saw nothing and that there were no candles.

    Anyway they would not have been allowed asa safety hazard as there were no attendants swarming around.

    If we look at both discussions, one is for and the other is against.

    By taking the view that there was nothing really there, we had learnt nothing!

    This is how some forums work. Just talking about nothing.

    Don't get me wrong...there are many intelligent people out there....but they are meant to be scientifically motivated by saying that they will accept this phenomena if one day science will reveal it. In a way they are just knowledgeable and not necessarily intelligent.

    Most readers want to see proof.

    Especially if you talk about ET.

    You have a picture which is perhaps grainy, washed out or distorted.
    What they want is an 8k image of an alien in super colour just about to walk into the White House.
    So they can zoom into an eyeball and see all the veins or arteries etc.

    If it is too good...it fails just as much because near perfect pictures are everywhere. Or they will say that the picture had been photo shopped.

    Don't get me wrong, everyone has a right to their opinion including those who debunk.

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  4. Georgek

    Georgek George

    It is sometimes good to work on something.

    An example of this was when I met a psychic friend on the Internet and we were trying to find our past incarnations.

    It so happened that we had joint souls and shared a life together as monks in the year 1353 AD.

    Okay this may be deemed as a mad cap waste of time, but it was rewarding.

    I could not put the names together but he helped me do it.

    He got the name Thomas and I got the name Riley in a dream.

    The village name Barton-in- Fibris was common in our analysis.

    We searched and found that a monk named Thomas-de-Raleigh was my incarnation who was mentioned in the parish register.

    You can say that this was a fluke which may even have been so?

    The thing which got better was that this actual monk paid a visit to this said psychic in America after watching TV with me in England.
    Okay...it gets worse...

    This was around about Easter time and I was watching an old b/w film about Bernadette the holy nun.

    The ghost monk was watching over my shoulder as my mother came into the room and enquired whether this was Bena-net in her Greek Cypriot accent.

    The monk was puzzled as to who this character was because although he was interested in nunneries this was AFTER his time.

    So he approached the other psychic in America to ask me who was 'Bena-net'

    He had no idea that I was watching this b/w film and I had to think a good five minutes.

    The result was that a picture was building from pure nonsense.

    We can add that this was nonsense but this nonsense build into something.

    Most will say that the whole thing i rubbish and they are entitled to think this way.

    The point of this endeavour was a result. Even be it incorrect...there was something very vague to start with which to my mind really showed that it was true towards the end because of what my mum had said to me when she had walked into that room 6000 miles away to what was questioned.
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