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    Watch: Security Camera Films Odd Entity

    A curious piece of security camera footage from a home in Wisconsin appears to show some kind of entity with strange hands briefly peering out from behind a door before disappearing. The video, which was reportedly recorded earlier this month in a Milwaukee residence, was posted to Reddit this past weekend by the petrified homeowner, who explained that only she and her baby were in the house at the time of the incident and, as such, she cannot account for the mysterious 'visitor.'

    In the video, a puzzling form, which some have likened to a hand bearing tentacles, seems to emerge from a room in the hallway. Shortly thereafter, a head pops out from behind the door frame, quickly disappears back into the room, and shuts the door. According to the homeowner, when she subsequently went to check on the situation, she found that there was no one in the room. As one might imagine, many viewers online have suggested that the unnerving interloper could be a ghost.

    However, other observers have offered what may actually a far more unsettling theory, arguing that the 'spirit' is actually a home intruder and that their 'tentacled hand' is really a gun. This, they say, would explain the door shutting and posit that the person probably exited through a window once they realized they had been spotted on camera. For the sake of the homeowner, in this instance we hope that the oddity in the video was a ghost, since the alternative is rather frightening.

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    That guy didn't sound like he's a Milwaukee native to me :)

    Didn't look all that mysterious to me, sorry. Impression was maybe a teenage kid who peeked in.

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