Star Wars Solo FLOP and Last Jedi backlash: Disney to FIRE Kathleen Kennedy for JJ Abrams?

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    Star Wars Solo FLOP and Last Jedi backlash: Disney to FIRE Kathleen Kennedy for JJ Abrams?


    AFTER the Solo movie flop and Last Jedi backlash and fan boycott Disney boss "Bob Iger wants Kathleen Kennedy out and called an emergency studio head crisis meeting" while Kennedy's producer husband supported a post accusing Iger of setting up his wife.

    "The current state of Star Wars is that Kathleen Kennedy has a target on her but everyone is too scared to take the shot.”

    A major new report from Beyond the Trailer has leaked some of the inner dramas consuming Lucasfilm and Disney following the disastrous last few months.

    According to the site's presenter Grace Randolph, Disney boss Iger called an emergency meeting with all the heads of Disney, Pixar and Marvel together with the Lucasfilm Star Wars "top brass" to discuss the current situation.

    Randolph added: "The word is that he wants Kathleen Kennedy out."

    Money talks in Hollywood and the enormous failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which hasn't even cracked $400million at the global box office, is fuelling mounting reports and expectations that a drastic change is coming.

    Randolph said: "Nobody will take her (Kennedy's) job. Several have been approached, but turned it down, including JJ Abrams, who turned it down flat and didn't even hesitate."

    At the same time, Kenendy's husband, producer Frank Marshall liked a tweet which claimed Bob Iger was making Kennedy take the blame for his own Star Wars mistakes.

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    Star Wars lost its appeal after the original movies. imo
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    Disney paid 4 billion for Lucasfilm in 2012 and they've made all their money back according to the article.
    The new 'Star Wars' movies have already made more than the $4 billion Disney paid for the franchise in 2012

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