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  1. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    here is what happened to me the last 2 weeks, and I am still not sure what to make of it...

    I was cooking dinner and casually wondering why "the ones on the other side" have not helped me with any technology.
    then I remembered that I don't pick up on messages from them super clear, I can get some messages, but they are likely not clear enough for tech data...
    so I had the passing thought that they should tell someone that can here them clearly.
    the next day I had a friend very excited to talk to me,
    I was told they had a message for me, showed up in a dream, was very important.
    it was a few bits of info, but the main one was an equation. it was telling of a pattern, and it applied to many things on many levels.
    so the first bit of information was telling me that I already had all of what I needed to build what I wanted. but that was missing something in the beginning.
    next idea was in the form of a question... and basically told me that I am here on earth to finish what Tesla was unable to finish before he died.
    last was the equation, intent+will+[energy/movement]=action, and they said this applies from anything from physics to the bunnies digging in the garden.
    so I thought about this for a few days...
    I am personally convinced that every world is a dream world, just that the energy required to alter where we live now is more than most people can get. so all what I was just told to me seemed like it could be correct.

    then I started thinking about what Tesla was doing, and started thinking about what got him started on his path.
    in the DC power plants of long ago, something odd happened sometimes,
    when someone would turn on a high powered DC circuit, it would hurt them sometimes, and also killed a few people...
    the power companies ended up using vacuum relays so no one would be near them...
    but Tesla wondered what was going on, so he built a circuit that just turned on a circuit thousands of times a second.
    it was a magnetically quenched spark gap driven by DC current, in case anyone cares... (also I have never seen anyone reproduce this correctly)
    and he had to do something with the power, so he put it into two turns of wire that was fairly large diameter.
    it ended up making an odd energy, it could charge insulators at a distance and would reflect off of shiny surfaces (conductor or insulator works just as well). and it was very hard to shield from. this energy is painful if you are exposed to it.
    thinking about this, this was likely what I was missing at the beginning.
    with that thought I got the ones on the other side were telling me YES...
    they really wanted me to go set it up right then, but I was busy and it took me a few days, they were not watching me by then.
    so I took a large magnetic coil that was already set up (10 foot across) and connected it to a mosfet, power supply, and signal generator. (will draw out the diagram if anyone wants)
    then set the signal generator to turn on fast and turn off slowly, set it as fast as I could get it to do that given how large this coil is. it is set so that the current is always running the same direction, just pulsing....
    once it was all connected and running I stepped inside the coil and tried to set my will and intent to change reality.
    I went for fixing my health. nothing else really came to mind...
    after about 10 min. I was clearly not getting anywhere so I got out and shut it off.
    asked the ones on the other side why it did not work, got sort of a "not enough power, or don't know"
    figured maybe they just wanted me to have something fun to do for a few days....
    so I moved on to other things pretty much forgetting the entire thing.

    a bit later a friend called me to tell me that he found something that might fix my health (he runs a vitamin shop).
    it was zinc something... I forgot what it was, but some is on its way to me now.
    he told me that it heals the lining on the stomach and gets rid of even very bad bacteria, said it works kind of like glutamine that does similar things.
    I have glutamine at home, so I went and had some right before my next meal,
    I felt great after that.
    so I had some again before a meal that would have really messed me up before and I was still doing good.
    as I realized that it sure seems like my main health issue was now fixed, I also remembered what I had tried to do with that device I built.

    I still have no idea if that device did anything, but I am not in pain right now... so I wonder
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  2. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    I like to stand in the center of pavillions... there is a balance of energy equidistant from the columns and the roof overhead that centralizes energy... at least I think so.
    No electricity... but I do seem to benefit from this, even if I only stand there for just a minute.

    I imagine your device could be a similar effect, but enhanced greatly.

    You also have alot of guts... many would be afraid to try that...

    Very cool... but a little scary to me to think about trying it. Good luck!
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  3. Rick Hunter

    Rick Hunter Celestial

    Do keep us updated on this, please.
  4. Rick Hunter

    Rick Hunter Celestial

    All my life I have been attracted to old structures such as buildings, bridges, and industrial machinery. There seems to be an energy there, the residue of decades of activity. I have collected old glass telephone, telegraph, and electrical insulators since I was a child. My mind perceives the same sort of energy in them, perhaps from the thousands of conversations and electrical power that they carried. By contrast, a new bridge or building feels as cold and sterile as an operating room to me.
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  5. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    A variation on the stone tape recorder theory. Stuff that's been around a while seems to absorb part of their environment. We generally accept that old structures can be haunted - another term for residual energy. Why not machines? They were made by people for people to use.

    I'm not sure if I feel that they are animate but I like to tinker with all sorts of old stuff and absolutely feel as if I need to treat them a certain way. Respectfully. I'm looking at a circa 1976 trapdoor Springfield and when I hold it or sight down the barrel I wonder about who used it, where and for what.
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  6. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable

    There is a thread topic here dancing around the edges: how many known discoveries came from dreams? A few but I can't think of any right now.
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  7. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    Here's one:

    Srinivasa Ramanujan: The Man Who Knew Infinity

    The mathematical genius made substantial contributions to analytical theory of numbers, elliptical functions, continued fractions, and infinite series, and proved more than 3,000 mathematical theorems in his lifetime. Ramanujan stated that the insight for his work came to him in his dreams on many occasions.

    Ramanujan said that, throughout his life, he repeatedly dreamed of a Hindu goddess known as Namakkal. She presented him with complex mathematical formulas over and over, which he could then test and verify upon waking. Once such example was the infinite series for Pi:


    Describing one of his many insightful math dreams, Ramanujan said:

    "While asleep I had an unusual experience. There was a red screen formed by flowing blood as it were. I was observing it. Suddenly a hand began to write on the screen. I became all attention. That hand wrote a number of results in elliptic integrals. They stuck to my mind. As soon as I woke up, I committed them to writing..."

    (More dream discoveries on the link)

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  8. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    I did a web search,
    apparently quite a few people bring back ideas from dreams
    10 Famous Inventions You Won't Believe Were Inspired By Dreams

    as an update to what I built,
    I got the person that gave me the message to try out what I built,
    they said it just made there head feel full, just like if they were learning something and really really needed a break.
    but that it quit the moment I shut it off.
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