Technosignatures: The Search For Alien Technologies


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Heard an excellent podcast and thought the topic rated it's own thread.

Ep. #114 – Bruce Fenton on Interstellar Objects and Technosignatures - The Black Vault

Not JG's usual fare at all. Made me look at Avi Loeb's ideas differently. Topic is a bit thick, I only heard the audio version and in a disjointed fashion at that. Idea being that there could very well be the evidence we seek of extraterrestrial visitation right under our noses. Not sexy like a craft confronting a vehicle on a lonely road but the implications are startling. A slightly different way of looking at the whole thing. Refreshing. True or not it's worth a listen. He's produced a paper of the topic for review:

Here's his website with the ideas in a more digestible format

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