The Bentilee Saucer Landing of 1967.

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    Hi guys, some of you might already be familiar with this fascinating old UFO-landing-case that i've only recently discovered. [sorry if I missed it Karl lol] ... it took place September 2 1967 in a field in district of Stoke-on-Trent called Bentilee, and involved a large 'flying saucer' being witnessed by multiple persons to travel through the air at high speed and then land on a public recreational field beside a Staffordshire Council Estate, ... parked up for a while , looking all the world like a large classic spinning flying saucer with the bright lights changing colours before taking off again and zooming back the way it came in no time at all! .. and was witnessed first hand by multiple local witnesses.
    This happened in the middle of what was to be known as 'a Midlands UFO-flap' of the time... There were dozens of sightings of flying saucers in the skies above North Staffordshire as summer neared an end.... and there were at least eight reports of these 'silent flying saucers' in the Bentilee area alone on this date.

    ... I love this old clip from ATV Today presented by veteran presenter Gwyn Richards where housewives, children and even a police officer reveal exactly what they saw that mysterious night... and am of the opinion that all seem to be sincere in the facts that they are telling are what they witnessed. ... I also had to smile at just how 'different' the two UFO investigators Roger Stanway and Tony Pace were to today's crop of 'Ufologists' are... but of course presentation to camera was indeed very different fifty-odd years ago. lol.

    Incredible archive footage of the time a UFO landed in a field behind the Bentilee estate - Stoke-on-Trent Live (

    ... here is more on the '1967 Midlands UFO Flap' ... Did UFOs invade Stoke-on-Trent 50 years ago? - Stoke-on-Trent Live (

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    Great catch and mighty fine thread mate - really did enjoy watching that video and can't seem to find out much more other than what you've already posted.

    Got to love those old school interviews and at one point one of the chaps makes mention of a 1967 UK Coastguard report involving a 'domed shaped' object observed through binoculars (an aircraft was sent up to investigate which 'flew round the object') - very interesting stuff!

    Cheers (and a happy new year)
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    Thanks for posting this, 1963. Even though some might argue there was nothing particularly special or unique about this incident, compared to other sightings of strange objects, I too was fascinated by the simple sincerity and apparent innocence of the people and the interviewer. The interview seemed to capture a simpler time in society when people were more courteous and genteel and journalists proudly refused to resort to sensationalism.
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