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    High school couple left stunned when ZOMBIES photo-bomb their prom photos near the set of the hit show

    This is the hilarious moment blood-covered zombies photobombed a couple's high school prom photo shoot.

    The students were having their photos taken in Senoia, Georgia when a group of performers, who looked straight out of the TV show The Walking Dead, walked by. 'They walked directly in front of the camera,' said photographer Stephanie Smith to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 'I kept shooting because it was so funny.'


    A pair of high schoolers trying to get their pictures taken for prom ended up with some unexpected guests photo-bombing their shoot


    The shoot took place in Senoia, Georgia which is where the set for AMC's The Walking Dead is based


    After the zombies circled the couple once, they went around again for a second time. The pictures were being taken in the town, which actually doubles as Alexandria, Virginia where The Walking Dead is set. Smith ended up sharing the photos to her Facebook page.

    However, the zombies weren't extras or actors on the hit TV show but performers who work in the town as part of Senoia's new zombie-themed tourist industry according to Good Morning America.

    Smith claims that the zombies didn't break character even once. 'They circled back around a second time and we were like, "OK, we get it," Smith told GMA.


    The students were trying to capture priceless memories for their high school prom when some uninvited guests appeared in the shot


    The couple looked stunned by the uninvited guests but it made for some memorable photos

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