Transmedium UFO Photographed Submerged in Lake Titicaca?


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Transmedium UFO Photographed Submerged in Lake Titicaca?

Multiple witnesses in Bolivia claim to have seen a UFO descend from the sky and submerge into Lake Titicaca before bursting out of the water and departing the scene. According to a local media report, the very weird case occurred earlier this month in an unnamed community near the site which serves as a border between the country and Peru. Several residents say that the peculiar sighting began when they first spotted a puzzling object hovering overhead. To their profound surprise, the UFO suddenly dropped from the sky and sank into the waters of Lake Titicaca.

One quick-thinking witness managed to snap a photograph of the object while it was submerged (seen in the video above), although the image is decidedly hard to decipher. It would seem that the oddity did not remain underwater for very long as witnesses contend that, after a short period of time, the curious craft "shot out" of the lake and subsequently flew off back "into space." What exactly the object could have been is a mystery, although those who saw the UFO believe that it may have been extraterrestrial in nature.

Alas, with the craft having come and gone, their account is largely all that remains of the strange incident along with the aforementioned ambiguous photo. The case will no doubt intrigue UFO enthusiasts who have long suspected that some of these craft are transmedium vehicles that can travel in both air and water.