Want Proof of ET Visitation? Make a Bid!

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    Billy Meier's UFO images are up for Auction at Sotheby's :lol3:

    It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he managed to rake in some serious dough!

    Billy Meier is a Swiss national who in the 1970s claimed he had been in contact with aliens from the Pleiades star cluster - and had photographs to prove it.

    Published in a 1979 book by former United States Air Force pilot Wendelle C Stevens, they later appeared in publicity material for US science-fiction programme The X-Files.

    Now, they are up for auction at Sotheby's in the US, as part of a sale dedicated to space photography.


    Click on the link to view a selection of his photos.
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    Jerome Clark's UFO Encyclopedia 3rd Edition (2018) says (p. 302), "Purely as a commercial enterprise, Meier's is among the most successful in the history of the contactee movement."
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