Weaponization of Facebook

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    This report about the use of Facebook in the Philippines should be disturbing to anyone who uses Facebook, which I do not use and will never use...What has happen and is happening in the Philippines is a blatantly obvious weaponization of Facebook and a sneak peek at a dystopian future...

    How Duterte Used Facebook To Fuel the Philippine Drug War

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    It's a worry I've had for a while, There used to be a time when the Internet was more or less a past time a mishmash of everyone's opinions and no one took any particular opinion too seriously, So people could act in any way they saw fit, They could say anything they wanted and it honestly didn't matter.

    That was then, That was years ago, Society has changed, People have accepted and adopted the internet as a legitimate and serious forum for discussion. Now passing comments can' cost people their jobs, Their Families, Even their lives.

    This magical beast we call the internet is being weaponized, It's even being used to spy on other countries and wage legitimate warfare, Cyber Warfare Some other interesting news is how Google has in the last few years changed all its policies, People think Youtube has simply changed its monetization rules, But Google owns Youtube and the problem is Google itself.

    The problem is deeper than people think, Google is not a government controlled organization, it has a lot of power, One huge problem right now with Google is they are in negotiations with China over the creation of a Chinese Government controlled censored Google search engine. Google might return to China. Here's why that's so controversial The problem here is, If China can tell Google what to do, But No other nation can. That leads down a whole other conspiracy rabbit hole.

    Sadly, With the New EUCD What is the European Union Copyright Directive (EUCD)? - Definition from Techopedia It's looking like the internet will no longer be a place of freely exchanged information and free speech may be a thing of the past entirely. But, In some ways, Free speech in the ways people fantasize about, has never existed anyway. The problem is, The net is a financial powerhouse, That One percent of greedy rich bastards want total control over its economy. Some Day, The safest thing a person will be able to do, Is avoid the internet entirely, However, I don't believe this will be an option, I believe a time will come when people will be forced to at least register online and report frequently or they will violate some yet non-existent law. I don't think we will have a choice in the future.
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    Facebook is as influential as any major world religion.

    1 billion people on facebook.
    List of religious populations - Wikipedia

    Major Religions Ranked by Size
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