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Biden, 81, 'plans to make AG Merrick Garland fall guy for special counsel report that branded him senile,' as aide releases panicked statement and insiders claim more MAKE-UP could solve age issue

Biden, 81, 'plans to make AG Merrick Garland fall guy for bombshell special counsel report

Joe Biden is planning to make his attorney general Merrick Garland the scapegoat for the bombshell report which highlighted his mental challenges. Biden, 81, has informed his aides and advisers that Garland didn't do enough to rein in the bombshell report written by Special Counsel Robert Hur. Top aides have even suggested Garland should have edited the parts that made the president look like a senile old man - despite Biden vowing to hire an impartial attorney general in the wake of the Trump presidency. Biden's team also released a statement on Friday hitting out at Donald Trump's comments that some onlookers claimed was panicked and showed just how badly the White House has reacted to the scandal. Democrat insiders have also claimed more time working on makeup and lighting could help ease concerns about this age.


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It's over - Joe knows it and America knows it. Now MAUREEN CALLAHAN delivers a blistering message to spineless Democrats: After THAT car crash national address, keeping Biden in office isn't just unpatriotic... it's dangerous

It's no longer up for debate: Joe Biden has got to go. In a hastily called press conference Thursday night, President Biden was, for the first time, questioned relentlessly by the White House press pool about his age, cognition, and fitness to serve. Finally! The ostensible headline was meant to be the Department of Justice report had cleared Biden of mishandling classified documents. But the real headline was contained in the special counsel Robert Hur's reasoning. He wrote that a jury would be unlikely to convict because Biden, 81, is 'a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory' suffering 'diminished faculties in advancing age'. Biden told investigators that he could not recall when his term as vice president ended. 'If it was 2013 - when did I stop being vice president?' he asked. Oh dear.


So what happens next, Camila Harris becomes president?

Rick Hunter

So what happens next, Camila Harris becomes president?

Shit, please no. At least the amount of damage that tired Joe can do is minimal.

Once again, this is the best chance we've had for a third party since Ross Perot. And honestly I think this is the best possible time for it, since the two parties are just going to hand us the same terrible choices they did last time. Trump will have the GOP wrapped up, and if Joe doesn't run then the Dems are guaranteed to pick someone just as bad but in different ways.

I think the smart thing to do would be challenge Joe for the democratic nomination. It really wouldn't be that difficult to push him out of the way. Then, you would have two massive advantages: your name is not Trump and you automatically win the popular vote because you have a D at the end of your name. I really think someone like Joe Manchin could pull it off.
The Democrats . . . take the cake...
Personally — I'm non-partisan. When people go on and on about Trump, I ask them one simple question: If Trump is so great, why didn't he pardon Ed Snowden? So far as I know, RFK Jr. is the only contender to have made a pledge to do so ( which would be the right thing to do ). In fact, it's the least they should do. He deserves a medal, and his accusers deserve to held accountable.
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There are those who feel - myself included - that Andrew Cuomo killed about 15000 elderly people nursing homes across New York State by forcing them to accept Covid patients they were not quipped to deal with. That weather anchor Janice Dean lost family because of that and has become the morally outraged shadow that won't let him forget - and good for her.

But did he resign in disgrace over that ? No, it was for titty and ass grabbing.
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8 Potential Candidates To Replace Biden Before The Election

8 Potential Candidates To Replace Biden Before The Election

Politics · Feb 9, 2024 ·
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With the Department of Justice's Special Counsel report calling President Biden's mental competency into question, there is renewed speculation that Democrats may seek to replace Biden on the ballot in the upcoming presidential election. But who would they pick on such short notice?
The Babylon Bee has exclusively obtained the following list of potential replacement candidates:
  1. Taylor Swift: Though many saw it coming, years of meticulous Deep State planning is finally coming to fruition.
  2. President Xi: He's been running the country behind the scenes for years, so he might as well make it official.
  3. Claudine Gay: Just imagine all of the amazing State of the Union speeches throughout history that we'd get to hear again.
  4. Chris Pratt: He's already appearing in every other role. Why not president?
  5. One of Biden's many body doubles: It would be a seamless transition.
  6. Daniel Day-Lewis: The only man more qualified than Joe Biden to pretend to be a president.
  7. Harry Truman: Just like Joe Biden, he has presidential experience and he passed away years ago.
  8. A life-sized wax sculpture of Joe Biden: No one would know the difference.
Start preparing yourself to see one of the names listed above being sworn in next January.
This guy . . .
That guy is Steve Forbes — the editor-in-chief of Forbes business magazine, as well as the author or co-author of a number of books on economics and politics. He has endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Rand Paul, and the late Sen. John McCain. Forbes has served on the board of several conservative organizations including FreedomWorks, the National Taxpayers' Union, and the Heritage Foundation.

His concerns about CBDCs are fully justified. They're one of the tools for authoritarian control.


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Eric Adams warns NYC is 'out of room' amid sanctuary struggle: People will soon be 'sleeping on the streets'

Mayor Eric Adams stressed with a sense of urgency that New York City has run 'out of room,' as the escalating migrant crisis engulfs not only the Big Apple, but other major cities across the U.S.

"Our hearts are endless, but our resources are not," the NYC mayor recently told Fox Nation. "It's not like New York is not saying we are not a city of immigrants. We are. We have a rich history of immigrants, but we can't take the global problem and it become our problem. That is unfair to New Yorkers, and is unfair to migrants."

Thanks to New York City's sanctuary city policies, Eric Adams faces a predicament – the city is bursting at the seams and is struggling to find places to house everyone yet - thanks to these policies - he is unable to hand migrants who are repeat offenders over to I.C.E.

Thanks to a "right to shelter" rule enacted in the 1980s, he is also legally required to house everyone.

Sitting down with FOX 5 New York's Rosanna Scotto for an interview featured on the Fox Nation special, "The Sanctuary Trap," Adams pressed the point that NYC's resources are strained, and that everything has reached capacity.

"We're not just saying we're out of room as a soundbite. We're out of room, literally. People are going to be eventually sleeping on the streets," he continued.

"What would it take for you to close the front door?" Scotto, who co-anchors ‘Good Day New York,’ asked.

Adams replied that he doesn't have the authority to tell people they can't come in, adding that, even if a migrant commits crime repeatedly, New York authorities are unable to turn them over to I.C.E.

"The law states that we cannot notify I.C.E. I cannot break the law and enforce the law. I can't deport. I can't stop people from coming in, repeated criminal behavior, I can't report to I.C.E. for deportation. So there's certain things I can't do."

Adams explained, however, that challenges to the right to shelter rule are in progress in the court system, saying, "We stated that it wasn't meant to be for migrants and asylum seekers."

Meanwhile, news buzzes around the migrant crisis' crippling effects on the New York City area as resources are stretched thin, some migrants engage in violent altercations with NYPD officers and, in one instance, high school students were temporarily forced to shift to remote learning so that migrants could take shelter inside their school.

Scotto, in "The Sanctuary Trap," also takes a trip to the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan to give viewers a rare look inside the first stop for any migrant claiming asylum in New York City.

The hotel became a relief center for migrants beginning last year, allowing them to get food and vaccinations, as well as meet with caseworkers.

To hear more from New York City Mayor Eric Adams and to get a deeper inside look at the migrant crisis straining America's most populous city, sign up for Fox Nation and stream, "The Sanctuary Trap," today.