An Ex-Marine & His Bizarre Alien Encounters

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    An Ex-Marine and His Bizarre Alien Encounters

    Some people just seem to draw strangeness to them. One area where this can be seen are so-called “contactees,” those unique individuals who, for whatever reasons, seem to attract UFOs and aliens. There are numerous stories along these lines, each more bizarre than the last, and they leave us struggling to know what to make of them. One very weird such case comes to us from an ex-Marine who has been continually visited by alien beings and who says that it is an ominous sign of things to come.

    Terrell Copeland, of Suffolk, Virginia, is not the kind of person one would think would make up far-fetched stories. A former United States Marine, he has long been considered by friends and family to be a no nonsense, hardworking and practical guy, not prone to telling strange tales, but this would change starting in on the night of October 24, 2005. On this evening he was on a street not far from the Dismal Swamp when he saw off in the distance about 2 miles away “a massive ball of light” that was at an estimated altitude of 15,000 feet and being circled by jet fighters. As he watched, the ball of light and fighter jets moved off into the distance out of sight. He wasn’t quite able to wrap his head around what he had seen, and then three nights later he saw something strange again over a Suffolk shopping center. He says of this:

    Terrell Copeland

    He would describe the object as a massive triangular shape that moved very slowly out across the sky. These two sightings would prove to be just the beginning of a series of strange incidents he would witness over the coming years. He began to have numerous sightings of strange objects in the sky, often seen from the window of his apartment, while others seemed to occur mostly over lakes and landfills, which led him to believe they were using these places as hiding spots. Some of these objects he actually managed to film, which led to some bizarre and frightening experiences. One time he claims that he was visited by a mysterious man in military clothes who told him to remove one such video he had posted online, and another even more surreal experience happened after he captured another video on his cell phone from his apartment window and posted it online. He says after the video was posted he woke from a nap to hear someone at the door, and he explains of this:

    After this, he says his experiences began to get more intense. He found he would often have bouts of missing time, that he could not account for, as well as temporary paralysis and occasions in which he was visited be strange entities in his sleep but later be convinced it had not been a dream. He says of one such episode:
    These unsettling incidents came to be and more common, to the point that he was sure that he was being abducted by alien beings who had for whatever reasons taken an interest in him and wanted to study him. Sometimes he would remember what happened clearly, at other times is was all blurry and indistinct like a half-remembered dream, whereas many times he remembered almost nothing at all. He tried keeping a sort of dream journal, jotting down whatever he could remember in the wake of these odd encounters. He would say of one such incident:

    Copeland began to look into the alien abduction phenomenon and even travelled 600 miles to attend a seminar of people who had experienced similar things to him, which was attended by 1500 people who were either abductees, those curious about UFOs and aliens, or ufologists. It was partly his participation in this conference that captured the attention of The History Channel’s UFO Hunters series, which did a whole segment on his experiences. Host Bill Birnes even speculated that Copeland was an alien hybrid and didn’t know it, and that’s why he was being so closely watched, to which Copeland responded, “That’s heavy. It’s not surprising to me, though. After all that’s happened these last couple of years, it could be true.” The UFO Hunters team even brought Copeland to medical experts for testing, where he was found to have an “unknown, rare blood disorder,” whatever that means, which the show claimed was also shared by other supposed alien abductees. As to why these aliens might have taken an interest in him, Copeland can’t really say, although he firmly believes that these beings are monitoring us and are preparing to meet humanity face to face, whether we like it or not. He says of this:

    It is a rather ominous note to end on, leaving one to wonder what sort of change this might be. Copeland seems to be on the surface a very sincere and reliable witness, but one has to wonder just how much of his bonkers tales are true. Is there anything to be learned from this all, and if so, what? If any of this is real, then what are these entities trying to tell us? Your guess is as good as anyone’s, and while we try to figure it all out, similar reports keep coming in.

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    Not a comment on this case specifically, but here is that old familiar pattern. Put up some credential first to lend credibility to a witness statement.

    I worked with an ex-Marine who fit that description perfectly. He came from a long family line of military and police service. Highly intelligent electrical engineer and former demolitions man who would tell you there is no such thing as an ex-Marine.

    Methamphetamine and cocaine addict, committed fraud and cheated on his wife with truly vile people to satisfy the need. Had real mental issues and we found out he was 'the mad pooper' at a big IBM facility we worked at. Jesus is that a long story. Thief. The list goes on. His wife found out when one day a truck showed up to empty their apartment of absolutely everything and take their cars. He eventually disappeared one day and we have no clue where he went but were grateful he went.

    And yet the whole time if you met him, if he told you about a UFO or something, he'd be the Picture of Credibility as if central casting sent him for that exact purpose.
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    I respect folks who have served in the military, but that on it's own doesn't add credibility. Still, Copeland's story does mesh nicely with accounts of others who have had ongoing contacts. I wouldn't rule it out by any means.
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