Ancient Aliens season 13

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    ep 7 was sleeper dude might watch 8 tonight thanks!
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    Agree, very much a groundhog day episode. After 13 seasons even the less attentive of us have a certain sophistication and are familiar with the half dozen standard AA themes.
    Perhaps they think that in a pavlovian way, if we hear the same theories over and over we will believe them.
    A different approach was 'In search of' Aliens with Zachary Quinto and included interviews with abductees.
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    Episode 8 Island Of The Giants
    It focused on the robotic looking giant statues in Sardinia

    Episode 9 The Taken
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    Episode 9 The Taken
    EEG lie detection was used on an abductee.
    Activity in one area of the brain indicates memory recall, activity in another area shows creative thought, indicative of lying.
    The scientist concluded the person was recalling events from memory.
    A review of the episode suggested that had the experience originally been a dream it would also have shown as remembered events.
    Review of Ancient Aliens S13E09 "The Taken"
    Two other patterns were mentioned. Abductions go down generations, as if genetic research is being conducted, and a high proportion are Rh-Negative.
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    11 Russia Declassified
    12 Aug 24, 2018 They Came From The Sky
    13 Aug 31, 2018 The Artificial Human

    Russia Declassified
    A controversial proposal. US Russian cooperation, with their sub agendas and associated misinformation, is a difficult area.
    Declassified U.S. documents show that the American government planted fake UFO stories in the media to fool the Russians, and the Russians apparently do the same for the Americans.
    Russian involvement in the ancient astronaut theory and ufology purportedly goes much deeper, building on a sixty-year-long effort by the Soviet and Russian governments to promote ancient astronaut beliefs in the West.

    Talking of such, soon after Trump announces the formation of a space force we get reports of a Russian satellite acting mysteriously, seriously?
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    12 They Came From The Sky
    In the introductory minutes the voice over explained a meteorite is something which burns up in the atmosphere, a meteor is something that makes ground fall.
    Nope, a meteorite is the something that makes ground fall.
    A talking head with wind tunnel hair and personal jewellery that gives bling a bad name then referred to the largest meteorite found in the US as a meteor.
    Apparently the Willamette meteorite was interesting because it was not sat in the middle of a crater. Google reveals that it probably landed in Canada and geological movement shifted it.
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    13 The Artifical Human
    A timely look at robotics was the double length season finale.
    Lots of concepts, from the post biological to exploring other planets with probes 3D printed on arrival.
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    Bless this man.

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    Some are of the opinion that constantly attributing ancient production to aliens is a form of racism.
    Pseudoarchaeology and the Racism Behind Ancient Aliens
    Where, exactly, the idea of ancient aliens building the pyramids began — and why some academics think racism lies at the heart of many extraterrestrial theories.

    It is notable that many (though not all) extraterrestrial theories focus on archaeological structures at sites within Egypt, Africa, South America, and North America — a fact that has led some academics to see beliefs in ancient alien engineers as a stalking horse for racism. In a piece for the online journal The Conversation rather frankly titled “Racism is Behind Outlandish Theories about Africa’s Ancient Architecture,” Julien Benoit, a postdoctoral researcher in vertebrate paleontology at the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa), addressed the continued harm of these theories:

    "Firstly, these people try to prove their theories by travelling the world and desecrating ancient artefacts. Secondly, they perpetuate and give air to the racist notion that only Europeans – white people – ever were and ever will be capable of such architectural feats."

    These are just excepts. Click on the link for the full account.
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    Somehow I have a visual of William Shatner saying " Spock .... those are ... giant ... stone ... balls.... analysis please...."
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    i wouldn't call it racism personally, more like human advancement denial

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