Asking My Spirit Friends to Appear in Front of My Camera?

Discussion in 'Knowledge of the Spirit' started by Georgek, May 17, 2019.

  1. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I had a discussion with someone on the Internet that my communications were untrue.

    There was page after page of writing until I eventually said:- "Okay...I will ask them to show themselves in front of my camera"

    So I took my camera to my garage at Wollaton. Set it to 0 flux as I stood in front of it...
    Holding out the palm of my left hand and pointing to my palm with my other hand.

    This was not enough, so I said I would do it again and precisely the same thing happened.

    The film is a good twenty minutes but here are two snippets.

    Temperature was minus twenty degrees C. as this was the coldest day for many years.


  2. Rick Hunter

    Rick Hunter Noble

    Interesting! Can you see this little thing with your eyes? In a book on near death experience I read, one witness reported seeing a little point of light similar to that. He said he was in the room with his terminally ill father, and shortly after his father took his last breath a little dot of light came out of his father's head. The dot slowly rose up over the body, moved slowly around like the thing you have, and then suddenly shot up through the ceiling.
  3. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Hello Rick,

    I will be absolutely honest with you....

    I did not see anything with my physical eyes. In all cases.

    Did have this debate about talking with spirits with this guy on the I was the usual head case etc. So I said I would show him. I asked my spirit friends and I KNEW something would be there.

    Did not know what shape or form it would be, but I could sense a presence in my mind when I stood in front of my camera.

    He came up with the assumption that it was a Winter Moth and I tried to explain that it was the coldest day here in England for 50 or so years with the temperature down to about minus twenty degrees. Nothing can live with such cold and even if anything did, it would be in the form of hibernation.

    Our garage consists of the main car doors and the side door. All doors were shut and after a few minutes I left the garage with the camera running for another twenty or so minutes with the spirit still moving for a set period. You can see the outside security light come on as I leave the garage.

    I was completely surprised of what i saw when I played back the video.

    I told this guy that I would do it again, and as the day before, the spirit came back and stood in the palm of my hand.
    By which I again saw nothing.

    I got a response on YouTube about this, a ssomeone made a comment about me being a fake?
    It was quite flattering because there was no attempt to say that it was something normal?

    I thought :- "Fake???" That means that I must have spent a good length of time forging it?
    As I had not it is quite flattering because I know I had not faked anything.

    It was like saying that I was clever and cunning without even trying to

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