Body Swapping!

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by SOUL-DRIFTER, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. spacecase0

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    my take on this is that consciousness is you,
    the brain is the hardware you are running on.
    so you don't need to copy any synapses,
    almost the same thing if you start using another computer,
    you are still you, but the specifications and all the internet bookmarks changed...
    so, same consciousness, just other hardware it is running on
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  2. k

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    I regulary have been swap bodies with another persons. I have many implanted presents by aliens in my mind. How
    Griboedov A.S. wrote: "He is ready to forget himself for others". ("Он за других себя забыть готов".)
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  3. Ida G

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    Nice. I feel someone try to body swap with me. It is like an intruder in my mind. And suddenly I sit in the mind of a guy who sits down. I see the legs and hips. Arms. The surroundings. And sometimes a person by him. I think it is the music he composed. It became so alive within me it actually happened after some years. So i build shields and try to come back somehow. Scary. Body swapping by accident.

    Did you ask to body swap? Or did it happen by accident?
  4. k

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    It sounds nuts, how it can be! One people from other rational planet humiliate another people who is the guest side in essence! Why? Particularly given the fact that it is simple!
    And now those critters will make the rules on this technology! Even despite the fact that it was colossal moral damage!
    That's why I suggest we focus on the movement of our persons in some meaning.

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