Cheap Chinese Crap.


life has been quite eventful. I've been coding a new project that may not have significant importance—it's like building a soapbox racer in my garage, a fun endeavor. Surprisingly, I've developed a real passion for coding. There's something about the process that satisfies my creative cravings.
Unfortunately, my friend Tate has received some distressing medical news that I can't go into detail about. The worry and dread consume both of us every day. To keep my mind occupied, I've turned to coding as a distraction. Now, let me share a quick update.
I recently tried out a website called, also known as Temu. Honestly, it seems like a pyramid scheme. They entice you with an incredible deal on your first purchase, and the more you're willing to spend, the better the deals become. But here's the catch: that first freebie is all you get. To unlock more amazing deals, you have to invite others to sign up and join.
To be fair, the regular prices on the website are pretty affordable. However, the items themselves are cheap. If you're looking for gadgets, headphones, or inexpensive electronics to bring on a trip, things that you wouldn't mind losing or breaking because they're not valuable, then Temu is the place to indulge in low-cost items.
It's not a perfect platform, but it's not a complete scam either. Just be aware that whatever you think you're getting, it's likely a cheap knockoff from China. As long as you set your expectations accordingly, you'll be fine.
It's actually quite intriguing how they manage to sell things so cheaply, even if the quality is lacking. The mystery behind their affordability remains an enigma


tall, thin, irritable
there's a 'Five Below' store my wife goes to that sells that cheap crap - all fo rless than 5 buck. Which begs the question why my Bluetooth headphones cost $7. But they work great ! I use them for yardwork, etc because I don't care if I break them. Luck of the draw - she had to buy three more just to find one that worked.

Imagine that. All that plastic to make this **** out of, fuel to transport it here and somehow it's still worth nothing - destined to choke a landfill somewhere.


As Above So Below
Products are made much much cheaper (disposable) than 20 years ago and cost much more to purchase...There are still products of good quality made but to buy anything of quality these days the cost is outrageous, borderline unacceptable...


Rick Hunter

Nothing magic about it really. Automation, super cheap labor, massive economy of scale, low to non-existent environmental and worker's rights standards, a government that is willing to do everything it can to screw other countries.


tall, thin, irritable
Yeah, well, maybe better to let their rivers catch on fire from manufacturing pollutants.

In the meantime I got this silly Bluetoofs speaker for $5 on clearance at Home Depot a while ago. Pity the fool that laid out six times that when new. And if I hadn't bought it they would've tossed it straight in a compactor and off to the landfill with the brand new cheap chinese crap thing.

Cool little feller and plenty loud enough to have on in the kitchen while futzing around. It cycles through a light show. Very Star Trek, right? As if the mind of an ancient being has ensconced itself in there.