Commander Fravor provides new details on 2004 Nimitz incidents

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    David Fravor, who was commander of Strike Force 41 during the November 2004 Nimitz incidents, has given an interview containing new details on those events. The interview is available as an episode of the Fighter Pilot Podcast. Keith Basterfield's summary and commentary is here.
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    This is worth listening to. It's relatively short but uses fighterpilotspeke and can be a little obscure at times.
    Not quite finished with it but it has my attention. I didn't know that there are multiple incidents on both the east and west coasts, at least one involving a close call and fear of collision. I loved it when he told "internet experts" that pick apart the video to shut the hell up and stop talking about things they don't understand. His description of the chain of evidence sounds realistic. After 3800 hours flying some of the most sophisticated aircraft in the world he doesn't know what the hell he witnessed and feels that the technology he saw wasn't "made here."

    I'm curious how Elizondo and Fravor know each other, it sounds as if they must have had some prior relationship. I'm less than clear on the connection between these incidents, the government program(s), metamaterials and cubesats all tie in to one another.

    I can't help but wonder if this is all useful deception for extremely advanced technology, maybe drones. The areas in which the incidents took place are not restricted but are designated as 'enter at your own risk' training areas which are out of public view. Let's put it this way, if you wanted to test some sort of reconnaissance device that uses a radically new form of propulsion under real world circumstances I would think that these areas in which our most advanced fighters (which just happen to be unarmed) and detection systems are in use would be ideal. The connection to alien technology would also serve it's traditional purpose of deflection and confusion - just ask Richard Doty about that.
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