DB Cooper revealed?

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    Back to the real topic, D.B. Cooper.

    As far as I know, none of the bills he acquired ever found their way into circulation (though some were discovered in the wilderness). That is strong evidence that he didn't survive the jump. And that also rules out Rackstraw as his identity.
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    I thought I would post this here to get the thread rolling again, DB Cooper is an interesting topic.

    I haven't had the time to listen to this entire video but it supposedly has the most recent theories as of 2018.
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    Man closest to D.B. Cooper Boeing skyjacking mystery shares his story

    (Video on the link)

    SEATTLE (KOMO) -- After 48 years of not talking with the Seattle news media, the man closest to the D.B. Cooper skyjacking mystery is finally breaking his silence.

    The ransom demand and parachute jump from a jetliner remains one of the Northwest’s most notorious unsolved crimes.

    “This is the actual airline ticket,” said Bill Mitchell, showing it to KOMO News from his home near Seattle. “Standby flight from Portland to Seattle. The fare was actually $12.04. Flight 305. November 24, 1971.”

    Cooper’s real first name, or at least the one he put on his ticket, was ‘Dan’ Cooper which somehow became D.B.

    For the University of Oregon sophomore, it was supposed to be a quick flight from Portland to Seattle. But then life changed for everyone. “The pilot came on and said, ‘We had engine trouble and so we’re going to have to run out some fuel,” Mitchell said.

    He says he and the rest of the passengers didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t know that Cooper had quietly told a flight attendant that he had sticks of dynamite set to go off if he didn’t get his demand of thousands in cash.

    “He would pass her notes saying, ‘I’ve got a bomb and I need $200,000 and I’ve got five parachutes,’ or whatever," Mitchell said.

    While all of the passengers were invited to sit up front, Mitchell stayed put. Both men sat in the very rear of the Boeing 727 aircraft. Cooper was on the right rear side and Mitchell was on the left.

    Mitchell says he didn’t really pay much attention to Cooper until one thing happened. A flight attendant sat down next to Cooper. He became suspicious but not for the reason you think.

    “My ego got in the way of this,” he said, admitting being a little jealous. “It sort of bugged me that this flight attendant was talking with this older guy with a suit and smoking, and here you had a University of Oregon sophomore sitting right across the aisle and she wouldn’t make any eye contact or anything.”

    That is why Mitchell and no other passenger remembers Cooper vividly. He helped with the now infamous sketch.

    Man closest to D.B. Cooper Boeing aircraft hijacking mystery breaks silence (KOMO News)

    The jet landed at Sea-Tac Airport and everyone got off, except Cooper. The flight attendant and pilots who took off with the $200,000 cash delivered by Northwest Orient Airlines, as it was called back then.

    And somewhere over southwest Washington, Cooper with a parachute and bundles of cash lowered the back stairs and in mid-flight disappeared, never to be found.

    “My theory from day-one, or three days after I realized what was going on, is that he’s plunked down on the ground some place in southern Washington dead with the money.”

    Six thousand of it showed up along the Columbia River. No one knows how. Through the decades, dozens of people have been thought to be Cooper but there no arrests.

    Mitchell gets hundreds of messages and questions: “Could this or that person be D.B Cooper?”

    Man closest to D.B. Cooper Boeing aircraft hijacking mystery breaks silence (KOMO News)

    On that fateful day in 1971, the FBI escorted Mitchell through the throng of reporters... “No comment”, they suggested to him. They told him, “He’s out there and you’re one of the primary witnesses. So, we just recommend that you don’t.”

    “And here you are talking?” he was asked. “[It's] 48 years later. I think I’m pretty safe.”

    Mitchell doesn't know where Cooper is but says, “He could be out there. He could.”

    Now the only place we see him is on display at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. It is up there with such Northwest mysteries as Big Foot and Flying Saucers.

    The FBI officially closed the case in 2016. However, the fans of the mystery remain active. The ‘Cooperites,’ as they are called, are holding CooperCon the weekend of November 23 at the Kiggings Theater in Vancouver, Washington.

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    LAME! Shame on them!

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