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  1. Rick Hunter

    Rick Hunter Noble

    Hey friends, do any of you here practice fasting? Fasting is one of those universals throughout the world's religions and cultures. I really feel the need and desire to fast for a few different reasons. First, fasting is a historic and often forgotten part of Christianity. I am a Methodist Christian, and John Wesley engaged in fasting and prayer throughout his life so that's a pretty convincing argument on its own. Second, people of all religions have used fasting (among other practices) to experience the divine or supernatural. I have decided I need more of the divine in my life, and fasting looks to be a good way to help me access it.

    So, anybody fast here? I'm not just looking for Christians who fast, but anybody who practices it for any reason. My plan is to add fasting to my life, and then meditation.
  2. nivek

    nivek As Above So Below

    I have fasted for short periods of time and still do occasionally, but not for any religion or cult or any ceremony, just that its a healthy thing to do in my opinion and it gives the digestive system a rest...

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  3. Kchoo

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    When fast, I only fast from 6 PM to 9 AM. :Whistle:
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  4. Rick Hunter

    Rick Hunter Noble

    I find that when I am really sad about something, fasting is cathartic. I practiced it occasionally even before I got back into Christianity, to cope with failures and disappointments.

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