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    Hello All,
    All this talk with me old mate @Filakius has prompted me upload a program I wrote a few years back.
    I wrote it for my kids who were all budding guitarists determined to be the next Jimi Hendrix.

    Anyone who has ever tried to play along to a particular lick on guitar knows what a pain in the Bum it is, trying to rewind the tape, or click the exact right spot on VLC, that takes you back to the start of the solo, then madly clicking back to the TAB or chords, you play the bit your practicing, then the process starts again. It really takes away from the train of thought you have with, "where did I bugger up that chord progression" :)
    So I wrote a little program called 3TAB that solves the problem.
    Looking below at the screenshot.
    The left hand Panel is just a standard MP3 Player, pretty straight forward. I am assuming you are playing a track that you have on MP3.
    The Middle Panel is the cool bit.
    It works like this.
    You play the track in MP3, when you get to the bit your trying to play. You click Mark Start, then when you get to the end of the bit you are trying to play, you click, Mark End.
    The number in the box represents the number of seconds you want to wait before you restart the loop.
    Obviously you tick the Loop Box and click play Loop.
    So the bit your practicing will loop over and over with the delay you need to wipe the blood off your poor fingers.
    The 3rd Panel is just a web browser that defaults to a guitar Tab site.
    Its not all that intuitive sadly. To add a website you type in the website in the Go There Box,
    Chuck in the same link in the Bookmark Box, Then Give it a name. When all thats done. Click the bookmark Button.
    Yeah i know pretty crappy, but it works for version...I dunno.

    I am a code cutter, so I have every imaginable library installed on my PC, .net, C++ run time etc.
    I have never tried to run it on a non code cutters PC, so if anyone actually uses it. Tell me the problems they had and any library's it complained about and I will update the download link.

    If anyone actually cares or uses it i am thinking about adding an option to switch between Web Browser to PDF viewer as I know lots of folks have there music as PDFs. I suppose I should do text and doc files as well.
    Also I will improve the web browser, and I am thinking of instead of using the standard .net gui stuff, completely skinning it. That is a massive job so I will have to muster enthusiasm for that one before I do it.

    Anyway. It is free for anyone who wants to use it.
    If you are a gorgeous Blond that looks like OTEP living close to me, we can come to an arrangement I am sure. I will add special features for you :)
    Dudes need not apply :)

    Like I said it may not even run on your PC without library's. Let me know any errors and I will try and sort it out for you.

    Link to the download is here.

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  2. Filakius

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    This dude is legit!!!
    This is frikken awesome man. I am learning guitar this year, and you nailed it one.
    I'm definitely going to try this out over the weekend, and I'll show some friends and get some feedback for you.

    Thanks man.
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