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I liked Iron Man 2, could have been better but it wasn't bad IMO...Thor DW was okay, not bad but kind of a bore, however the dark elf lore of Thor's world was interesting to me...In regards to Captain Marvel, meh, on the fence...Some people complained because of how mighty her powers are but sorry, in the comics she has all that power, they weren't inflating it for the movie...



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My favorite is the curious raccoon.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021: Here are the winners

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021: Here are the winners
By Alex Mead November 18, 2021 12:02pm


The Comedy Wildlife Photography Award Winners - The overall winner, up against 7,000 hilarious entries from across the globe, was Ken Jensen's image of a Golden Silk Monkey, looking a little more than uncomfortable!

Ken Jensen/CWPA

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The awards were co-founded in 2015 by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam who wanted to create a competition that focused on the lighter side of wildlife photography. CREATURES IN THE AIR AWARD - John Speirs' leaf pigeon, taken in Oban, Argyll, Scotland.

John Speirs/CWPA

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CREATURES ON THE LAND AWARD - Arthur Trevino's bald eagle encounter, Longmont, USA.

Arthur Trevino/CWPA

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CREATURES UNDER THE WATER AWARD - Chee Kee Teo's smooth-coated otter and cub, Singapore.

Chee Kee Teo/CWPA


PORTFOLIO AWARD - Vicki Jauron's clumsy young elephant, Matusadona Park, Zimbabwe.

Vicki Jauron/CWPA

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HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD - Jan Piecha's whispering raccoon cubs, Kassel, Germany.

Jan Piecha/CWPA

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HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD - Gurumoorthy K's majestic Indian chameleon, Western Ghats.

Gurumoorthy K/CWPA

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HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD - Chu Han Lin's dancing mudskippers, Taiwan.

Chu Han Lin/CWPA

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HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD - Jakub Hodan's tree-hugging Proboscis Monkey, Borneo.

Jakub Hodan/CWPA

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HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD - Lea Scaddan's fighting kangaroos, Perth, Western Australia.

Lea Scaddan/CWPA

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HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD - Roland Kranitz's flipping gophers, Hungary.

Roland Kranitz/CWPA

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HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD - Nicolas de Vaulx's curious raccoon, France.

Nicolas de Vaulx/CWPA


HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD - Pal Marchhart hiding brown bear, Hargita Mountains, Romania.

Pal Marchhart/CWPA


tall, thin, irritable
I was just downstairs working on the pigiron. While I'm in that frame of mind, I say this to the last few years in general ......