Geek Debate: Avengers Endgame Ending (spoiler alert)

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    Here's my basic problem with Avengers Endgame's Ending. Needless to say: Spoiler alert.

    'Avengers: Endgame' Directors Explain the Final Shot That's Sparking a Fan Debate

    "Holmes noted that some fans have found it creepy that Steve Rogers essentially made Peggy's future relationship with her husband, as well as their two children, disappear. But as the brothers both assured the audience, "They exist in a different timeline.""

    1. If by going back in time and altering the timeline Cap created a NEW timeline, then how did Cap jump back to the OTHER timeline wherein Peggy married someone else and had two children (i.e. the "original" timeline where all his friends were)?

    2. If Peggy's life with her husband and children STILL exists in the "original" timeline we've watched through all the Marvel movies, then what, exactly, was the point of this whole movie?

    They've altered ONE universe, but all the other universes still exist, including the universes where Thanos never got the stones, the one where Thanos simply disappeared because he jumped forward in time and was destroyed, thus never returning to collect the stones, and the universes where Thanos completely defeated the Avengers, and where the Avengers never assembled at all ...

    So nothing really changed except in the perceptions of a tiny group of people in ONE of those universes.
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    I really didn't get the Steve Rogers part of the ending either, although I haven't seen the information yet that wwkirk provided in the link...I'll read it after dinner tonight...


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