Ghost Child Appears in Truck?

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by nivek, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Ghost Child Appears in Truck? - Coast to Coast AM

    A teenager in Ohio suspects that his truck may be haunted after he snapped a photo of the vehicle and noticed what appears to be the ghost of a child sitting in the front seat. An aspiring nature photographer, Troy Vance told a British media outlet that the eerie image was initially intended to just be a picture of a sunset which he found particularly breathtaking. However, when he later looked at the photo, Vance was stunned to see a spooky visage staring out from the inside of the truck.

    As to who the spirit may be, Vance noted that the truck was parked in front of a lake where local lore says that a child drowned back in the early 1900's. This has led him to conclude that the apparition could have been that unfortunate youngster. Intrigued by the possibility, Vance actually went so far as to perform a ghost hunt, of sorts, inside the vehicle using a spirit box.

    According to him, the impromptu paranormal investigation resulted in a number of strange happenings, such as the sudden emergence of an inexplicable perfume smell, odd shadows moving across the truck's window, and an unexplained thud as if something had hit the vehicle. Skeptics, of course, will say that the face photographed by Vance is merely a case of pareidolia and that the supernatural events he experienced during the 'ghost hunt' were simply his imagination playing tricks on him.

    What's your take on the potential ghost face?

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  2. pigfarmer

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    Joe Dirt's got a haunted pickup. Interesting. Creepy. Wonder how the photo holds up to analysis.

    Do ghosts draw straws or do rock-paper-scissors to see who haunts what? Winner gets creepy old Victorian home. Loser gets pickup truck.
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  3. Andyjay

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    Looks more like a reflection to me.
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  4. Shadowprophet

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    Welcome to the forums, And I tend to agree with you, I work with photoshop a lot, and I can testify the easiest special effect to pull off is a ghost behind glass. Photoshop lesson 101. To merge any image with another and make it look like it belongs there. match the transparency levels perfectly then the person or object no longer looks like a separate image, It blends in, by far the easiest to pull off is the ghost behind glass, you can take any photo and simply turn the opacity down just a little, and poof, Magic ghost that looks like it was genuinely in the photo when taken,

    I ask anyone with photoshop to try this. Just layer an image over something transparent like glass, turn the opacity down to 75 percent and be amazed. Still. I'm not saying this one is fake. I'm just saying, it would be really easy to fake. :) Now as for the video, I show you peppers Ghost, This is a technique that existed before video. Old magicians used to fake ghosts on stage with this illusion.

    People can ask why anyone would ever do something like this, My rebuttal is, It's really close to Halloween, I'm thinking about setting something like this up with projectors and angled plexiglass on the front lawn.
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  5. Rikki

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    Without proper investigation I would be hesitant to judge. But based on my husbands opinion I would have to say this is a reflection in the window.
    Blessed Be
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  6. Rick Hunter

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    There appears to be some stuff hanging from his rearview mirror, which further obstructs our view of whatever it is.
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    SOUL-DRIFTER Life Long Researcher

    Maybe so maybe no.
    Insufficient data to come to any honest conclusion...IMHO
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  8. humanoidlord

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    insufficient data here too
    though i must add that it looks like a doll, not a real person

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