Greatest Secret Ever told We are living inside an EGG.Who's egg?

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    The world is run by spells and programs.

    The programmers, have downloaded words with definitions, that in reality, has no definite reality, among the time frame, that reality, is actually in.

    In this reality you have been told that you live on a planet.
    In reality your living inside an Egg.

    In reality, every life starts with an egg of some sort...because that's what a woman has inside of her world.The woman can produce an egg.

    Every egg needs sperm.Well ,not every form of life to be lifed by sperm.,99.1%.

    What is water?

    Water is the sperm.
    Every thing else fits in place pretty much.

    What is the sun? The heart.

    What is the moon?

    What are the other planets for? More eggs waiting for water/sperm to fertilize it.

    What is the black hole? The menutration and intestines.

    What are stars?

    Once you figure out all the body parts that make up this half woman half man twisted everlasting godentity.You will then figure out that..we are really in the belly of the beast.We are in the womb of something that's alive.

    Greatest secret ever told copy written by iml527 We are living inside of
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  2. pigfarmer

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    I was going to stop and get and egg sammich on the way to work today but now you have me thinking that the hairy dude that cooked it might have been .... involved with it ... and I think I'll just have yogurt instead.
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    Problem is, no matter how many times you ask for eggs over easy, they always come out scrambled. Oh well, can't make an omelette without scrambled eggs, so there you go.
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  4. pigfarmer

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    getting ready to peck my way out .... need some more coffee

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