Ida G


I am new here. Just wanted to say Hi. It took some time cause of hesitating. When I say hi to insects they usually escape and birds too. If I tell poetry or anything else to them they seem to react different by kindness and peace.
Therefor I am scared of the first "Hi"

Swans do not understand "Hi" as something good and are friendly when i call them Beautiful and almost seems to blush in their feathers. Humans reactions are different.

don't know if you are humans or aliens who abducted the original you. An alien "hi" is different too.

Hi! Thanks

Ida G

Thank you.
Kind of you :) I went out after writing to ease the nerves and took photos of insects. everyone loved to be named beautiful it seemed, cause even a blue cute dragonfly stood on a leaf posing for the camera. Lol.
I think insects are more like "cut the introduction and get stright to point"

Blesses to you.


As Above So Below
Hello and Welcome to Alien Expanse...q37

Good to see you here!...:happy8: