Hobgoblin Encounter in England?


As Above So Below

Ghost hunters get ordained after 'hobgoblin' encounter

A pair of paranormal investigators had a terrifying experience with a mysterious growling 'creature'.

The incident occurred around 8 years ago when Vic Harbord and Christine Townend, along with members of the East Yorkshire Society Research group, decided to conduct an investigation of the St Lawrence church in Atwick, England in the hope of encountering something paranormal.

They brought along a 'spirit box' (an electronic device used to pick up disembodied voices) in the hope of establishing a dialogue with a ghost and asked out loud if anyone wanted to communicate.

They quickly got more than they bargained for, however, when Christine began to hear what sounded like a growling sound coming from the immediate vicinity.

"Going into the church ground I got an eerie feeling straight away," she said. "It wasn't long into the investigation when I actually heard like a growl... I heard it three then four times and after the 4th time I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought 'well this is ridiculous'."

"When you hear a growl it's a negative energy. It's inhuman. It's obviously not very nice."

The pair later discovered that, according to local legend, Atwick was once terrorized by a 'hobgoblin' - a demonic creature said to be capable of shapeshifting from one form to another.

In the end, they were both so spooked by their experience that they ended up getting ordained.

"Still to this day we're not 100% sure what we encountered," said Christine. "When you start thinking about all this folklore from years ago you start to think well is it true is there some truth in this folklore."