How do you become a Ufologist??

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  1. Wade

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    How Do You Become a Ufologist?

    Well first you have to believe ( there's that word) in civilizations on other planets and then you start haranguing them for money.

    Again, and again and again and. .
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  2. Beyond The Star Gate

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    The easiest way is to get into Expolitics. Why?
    1. Absolutely no proof is required.
    2. People at the top like Michael Salla believe absolutely anything anyone tells them. (He was hiding behind the garage door when god was handing out discernment).

    Then make up some truly wild stories that support a Star Trek universe populated with greys, mantis beings, reptilians, Hot Blondes from the Pleiades (Extra's from Baywatch), little blue gnomes, and a few original creatures stolen from the GRIMM TV show. Claim that there is a Council of 9, A Galactic Confederation of 10,000 worlds, a White Brotherhood, a Space Brothers and Sisters Singles Club, a Consortium of Cosmic New Age Aliens that refer to us as "my children". Claim that there is a plan underway to assist Earth and all humans (without any effort on their own) to Ascend to a higher dimension. Call it the Harvest, The Ascension or The Event. Tell everyone that aliens love the Exopolitics protocols for Earth-Alien communication and that YOU have been named their only Ambassador. Claim that you also visit the Hollow Earth civilizations and represent them in the marketing of action figures, coloring books or play station games.

    But the most important step? Appear on FADE TO BLACK with the overwhelming bromance of Jimmy Church to support your story as authentic.

    You are now a ufologist.

    Or, you could just start your own YOUTUBE podcast with a cheesy opening (Kevin Randle uses a voice that is slowed down to sound really spooky...LOL), and simply proclaim your podcast to be the Gold Standard and yourself to be an expert, someone who has "the key" to the UFO mystery bestowed late one night in a hotel room with a stranger (Wham! Bam! Thank you, Earth man! By the way, here are the keys to the mysteries of the universe!)

    Aliens in contact with the author of this post! Please read my book where I share how the aliens used their ray guns to heal my hemorrhoids (the least they could do after several passionate years of anal probing.Kinky Bastards).
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  3. nivek

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    I think there were aliens like that in the first season of the original Lost in Space...:Whistle::biggrinn8:


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