Human-like figure floats eerily over California

Discussion in 'Alien Hub' started by nivek, May 19, 2019.

  1. nivek

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    Peculiar video footage has emerged showing a vaguely humanoid shape floating across the sky over Burbank.

    Recorded by Pablo Morales on a particularly thundery day earlier this month, the anomalous object has no discernible features and does not appear to be an aircraft.

    Morales, who was with his family at the time, was seemingly so taken aback by what he was seeing that in the video he can even be heard suggesting that the spectacle has divine significance.

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  2. pigfarmer

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    "is that Jesus Christ?" Oh God, that gave me a needed laugh.

    Check the local car dealerships and see if one of their stupid attention grabbing balloons got loose. Personally, I always preferred the silly crazy straw guy. If for no other reasons than that they are rarely mistaken for deities or UFOs.
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  3. humanoidlord

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    weird, reminds me of the 2000 mexican flying humanoid wave
  4. The shadow

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