Hurricane Irma


Here it is,...all 4 seconds of it :)

I remember that! That goes back a bit, tv stations forever playing repeats.. I have the whole tv series in avi format I think it is in my computer...

Blakey the long suffering inspector of the Luxton Bus Company.


Fading day by day.
Blakey that's him :) Yes I have great memories as a little kid watching that with Mum and Dad. They loved it, it was great to see them laugh. Lovely memories. Oh for such simple times again.


As Above So Below
Well we have minimal structure damage, no power (up to 6 weeks they say) and clean up. Looters are out so cops are patrolling. I'm going back on Thursday, putting my stuff in storage and then looking for a place in the mountains. Looks like I get to move north sooner than expected. I'm not complaining about that though...I've had enough of the heat and hurricane season isn't over until November.

Glad your safe and the worst is behind now...I love the mountains, I'm not far from the Appalachian mountains now but when I retire years from now I plan to have a mountain home away from the cities, although I already live in the country, just near the foothills...


So now that Irma has been downgraded, what are the chances that the storm will reach this area on the Tennessee river? Namely the Sequoyah nuclear plant. Would it do any damage to this area?

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Glad everybody on this forum in the areas effected are safe and still have there houses. I think I did I pretty good job tracking this beast. I predicted it to go up the spine of Florida and it did exactly that. My intensity was off but that's a hard thing to predict. I'm glad it came in weaker as opposed to a category 5 super storm.