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  1. Georgek

    Georgek George

    From my experience, I had found my UFOs different to many of the reports that I have read on this forum and other forums.

    It leads me to believe that the UFOs/aliens within my perception are different to the general UFO flux of sightings.

    My analogy is as follows:-

    1) We are not the cream of inhabitants in the universe, in actual fact we are very low down the evolution scale.
    Our brains has developed, but our minds are just as stagnant as they wee 2000 years ago. We have not moved one step closer understanding the greater truth behind why we are being watched.

    2) Society just cannot make the connection between military bases, airports and atomic power plants. It becomes plainly obvious that the aliens are very concerned as to what is going on. Truth being that NASA will once in a while divert your attention to life under rocks on Mars and the occasional SETI interaction of a squiggly line taht will tell you that intelligent life exists. Let me tell you quite plainly...the government KNOWS that intelligent life exists because I am telling you as based on my experience.

    3) We are being led astray by our governments (and correctly so, because the large majority of the public are not ready to accept UFOs)
    Do you blame the governments? I certainly do not! I have been on a lot of UFO forums and a good 99% are debunkers. Back her about twenty years ago, we had Jenny Randles the famous UFO broadcaster who I met at her house here at Manchester.

    Her aim was constantly bringing Patrick Moore the famous astronomer into the act because he had captured a wide audience on the respectability of astronomy and she was trying to get him to perhaps say that intelligent life exists?

    Like a know you can do it....say that that UFOs exist and wow this crater on the moon may have a spaceship on it?

    Well Patrick Moore was having none of that and seemed to be giving her a right roasting on the telephone when I was there, which did not give me the chance to finish off my biscuit.

    Hey folks.....we are talking about RESPECTABLE UFOs here all 'right wing' awaiting the ones who had crucified me already.

    If you want to know how people really react on evidence.......I can show you post after post where they had 'tore my heart out' Just imagine what they would do to the governments?
    As well as religions!! Not to mention politics and uprising, panic and revolutions.

    Hey guys give these aliens credit. They had already mastered our science, politics and language and whilst you may be sending LPs up there with Mick Jagger's voice...forget it!

    4) My next point is that the aliens that I have dealt with are SPIRITUAL. They have surpassed the evolutionary scale and do not need a material body any more but use robots for earthly tasks.

    When I first had my very UFO experience, I thought that they had randomly found me whilst I was looking for them? they knew all about me well before I knew anything about them! In truth, they are probably watching YOU right now as the look down on me?

    5) My impression is that they are god like and their presence had been well described in the bible and mythology.
    6) My other impression is that I may be part of them? This comes about with their great power of changing the weather.

    This slightly worries me because one of the things taht I kept asking them, was who they were and they put a few pictures on my camera.
    One of them was The Sacrament of the Last Supper...a poster I had on my bedroom wall painted originally by Salvador Dali


    The other picture is one of my bedroom window and on the window sill is a toy owl.



    Why point to the widow?
    a) We came through here?
    b) Or look at the owl?


    Other shots include areal landscapes.

    More to follow later....

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  2. pepe

    pepe Noble

    We haven't finished yet, many would say we have only just started the real journey. We are watching ourselves become those we perceive as watching us.

    Repeat and rinse for full satisfaction.
  3. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Life is but a twinkling of an eye.

    "We are gods...children of the most high" so says Genesis in the bible.

    The wheel of fortune is for ever going forward lest we stop as to repeat what is already done.

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