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  1. Creepy Green Light

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    I'm not very tech savvy at all. But here's my question; If I have an old iPhone 5c 32gb that was used on AT&T's network - is that considered a lock phone? If so - what makes it unlocked? Thank you :)
  2. nivek

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    I don't know anything about iphones but I've noticed on my Samsung phones that they have an unlock app that was factory installed to unlock it from the cellular service I was using, so it can be used on other networks...

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  3. ciiriice

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    Best way to test is just to find a cheap SIM card from another company (you can usually find like $2 starter packs) and pop it in to see if it works. Being unlocked just means that you don't have to use a SIM from a specific company, you can use it on any network. AT&T also have a Device Unlock Portal you can use :)

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