Is reverse engineering really that difficult?

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    Often we are given the analogy of a smart phone and a tribe in the jungle with the suggestion of an almost impossible task.
    I disagree, atoms are atoms and advances in nano tech suggest much of it could be done quickly.
    Magnetic metamaterial amplifies MRI for clearer images in less time
    Nor do I think the TTSA have such, videos perhaps but the military and commercial value of metamaterial would be so high it seems inconceivable it would remain in public hands.
    At the very least, they will have been examined and found to be junk.

    I also disagree that this apparent level of acknowledgement indicates several nations have succeeded in reverse engineering stuff, making mute the need for secrecy.

    Maybe the TTSA thing is less about disclosure than an increasing visibility of UAVs.
    Landing on the White House lawn may not be how it is done.
    Perhaps UAVs are used to gradually increase awareness and investigation?
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