Kevin Spacey posts a strange New Video.

Discussion in 'Present & Current Events' started by Shadowprophet, Dec 25, 2019.

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    Infamous Disgraced Actor, Kevin Spacy, Post's a Strange new Video on Christmas Day, In A Video Titled, KTWK or Kill them with Kindness, Spacey delivers A Speach in His Character Frank underwood, In the Video, He Begins to speak about how there should be more Good in the world, And he's made some changes in his life and he would like to invite you to join him. It's not clear is Spacey is talking about Himself or the character. Who was let go from Netflix Last year.

    Honestly, I feel the man is just using Bizar psychology and stage fright presence in an attempt to remain relevant. To be honest, It's interesting to see if he will be able to pull this off. A spectacle to behold at any viewpoint.

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