Love is worth it every time.

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    First I need to make some things resolute. This is not a sad thread, Nothing is going on with, me or my relationship status, Actually, Since I've been sick and gotten much better, I think me and my wife are actually much closer than ever before. Who knows, I can't see the future,

    No, I see a lot of people in pain, I see people hurting on Twitter, On Here and in real life, I say that like this isn't real life, But it is. This is just the way we communicate here, it's still very real.I once loved a woman, So much, I would have walked through fire, Or laid down my life without question.

    For this Reason, I think love is a spectrum, And I also believe it's possible to love someone literally too much. More than they need or deserve. Love is a feeling that makes us stronger, sometimes it can blind us from certain truths because love, makes us see people in their best light always.

    I tell you this, I have truly loved, With all my being, I have truly lost. More than once, That old saying that there are always more fish in the sea is True. Still, That old saying that Love is different every time and it never feels the same with a different person is also the truth.

    No matter how it plays out, Love changes us forever and we can never be who we were before. This is Why love is important, It's a chance to grow and change and even learn. I ask you, Have you ever loved someone so much that just being around them was like you had some sort of superpower or energy unsurmountable. It's those things that change us forever, In time, We may lose that love or that person. But, That feeling of being superhuman, It was worth it win or lose, Because, when have you ever felt that before?

    Love is important, win or lose Because it's a chance to grow a chance to learn. Sometimes, When losing someone you love, There is no greater feeling of loss or sadness. But Surviving the loss of that love makes you a stronger and better person than you were before. If you can survive this great loss, If you can overcome it, Truly you have become wiser and stronger because of it. It's a matter of perspective, Yes, Losing someone you love hurts, But Overcoming that loss, and healing from it, No one will ever have that kind of power over you again. Love can be painful, But everything that is Good in life is difficult and wrought with pain. Do you want more muscle? Work out, Till it hurts, You want to become smarter, Study until you get headaches, You want to win at love? Keep at it until you are wise and strong enough to carry that love.

    Yeah, I know I haven't been posting a lot lately, But things are getting better, I just seem to sleep a lot and I never have any energy. The doctors say this is my body adjusting to "Not being on all those antibiotics" And it will get better. I believe them, I already feel a lot better, Just really sleepy a lot.

    Anyway, I may not have a lot to back my advice about love up, But I have been in several long term relationships, I've survived three marriages, And The Worst mistake someone can ever make, Is making someone else there entire reason for living, Simply don't do that, To love someone is Justified and Fair, But to make that other person your very reason for breathing. That turns love into a perverted satire of the true feeling, Love yourself and your family above all else, Then share your heart, "Share it " with others.
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