Microwave weapon suspected in mystery attacks on US diplomats: report

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    i still believe it was some sort of poison
    microwave weapons have never been used in warfare before
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    Vienna is the new Havana Syndrome hot spot after 25 new U.S. spies and diplomats are hit with directed energy weapons in the Austrian capital

    Roughly two dozen possible new cases have been reported by U.S. spies and diplomats in the Austrian capital, more than in any other city except Havana itself. Since Joe Biden took office, about two dozen U.S. intelligence officers, diplomats, and other government officials in Vienna have reported experiencing mysterious afflictions similar to the Havana Syndrome. U.S. officials say the number of possible new cases in the Austrian capital — long a nexus of U.S. and Russian espionage — is now greater than the number reported by officials in any city except for Havana itself, where the first cases were reported.

    The exact cause of the ailments in Vienna, which U.S. government agencies formally refer to as “anomalous health incidents” or “unexplained health incidents,” remains unknown, but in response to the surge the C.I.A., the State Department, and other agencies are redoubling their efforts to determine the cause, and to identify the culprit or culprits. A C.I.A. spokesperson said that the agency’s director, William Burns, was “personally engaged with personnel affected by anomalous health incidents and is highly committed to their care and to determining the cause of these incidents.”

    Privately, Burns has called the maladies “attacks” rather than incidents. A State Department spokesman said, “In coordination with our partners across the U.S. government, we are vigorously investigating reports of possible unexplained health incidents among the U.S. Embassy Vienna community.”

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    I must say, it's a disgrace that the US hasn't figured out how to counter this.
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    We have no idea what they have at their disposal for weapons beyond the norm, especially with other countries like China or Russia.
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