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I have been thinking that in 2024 I'd like to try something new and interesting and been looking around to see if there are any local Fortean investigative groups. There aren't and I don't see myself establishing one. MUFON has always been there and my opinions have varied about it over the years, lately not particularly positive but I realize there are probably a number of very genuine people involved and don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water.
No doubt beyond the membership there are hidden fees involved with their field certification. I see two people listed as chapter members in New York.

So - has anyone ever done this or have any experience dealing with them?

Dejan Corovic

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I don't think MUFON is effective as research organisation. Basically, they are desperate for any kind of funding, and all the money they get goes to marketing people, not to people doing research. Research people have to pay all expenses out of their own pocket, and any money that comes from media rights goes directly to marketing manager and he keeps it. That's what I read.


tall, thin, irritable
I made a general inquiry and was rewarded with an ALL CAP response that indicated he did not actually read the question I asked. @Creepy Green Light one mentioned he tried a local group and had to flee before the secondary embarrassment consumed his spleen.

Was just a thought, probably not a good one, as I finally have the time to indulge myself in something interesting. Unfortunately, the woo-woo crowd seems to have made significant inroads in the Hudson Valley meaning that whatever is around isn't actually investigating anything, they're hawking merch.