My first thought of why the forum was down because the moon aliens disturbances from me

This was either because Q was shutting the forum down anyway, or this caused the forum to get shut down

I was sitting on the computer and well I am very obsessive. You can see my first encounter here
seeing the alien figure 3 footer like a child who was smart

I was just thinking more and more about aliens and knew they are on the moon. So i have really strong energy pull, and I just pulled something too much

I sensed the aliens might come to kill me for pulling on it

the next day the forum went down.
Actually I was just sitting in front of it and not being active, staring thinking. Pulled something on the moon and they wanted to come kill me for exposing their awareness on this earth. My energy changed as if to hide me in a cloud. Hard to understand. Like morphing from a rock (they would then look for a rock) but I was now a fuzz ball so they dettered past me.

When I felt the intention to want to destroy what was exposing them,

I questioned their intentions, and i felt them say they wanted to change and they care so much about us, we are like the whole reason they have been here, they only care about us like we are their babies.

So maybe it woulnt want to kill me
I'm referring to the alien moon

There are other races who we are not their babies just interesting things to oberseve.


Fading day by day.
Hey man, I been single for almost two years and a hell of a drought before that, any port in a storm,
I can sympathize !!!! :) lol



Im tryin to picture this.. Wanna know more about the pulling technique.

You pull Aliens on the moon.. hmm


Fading day by day.
This is an official SPACEX announcement....
Flights leaving for the Moon at half hour intervals for all Single males...
Boarding passes not required.
Thank You....