New Corvette delayed because it's too powerful

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    New Corvette delayed because it's too powerful, report says

    Power has corrupted the new Corvette.

    Hagerty reports that development of the mid-engine coupe has been delayed in part because its aluminum frame is warping so much under acceleration that it's busting the glass engine cover.


    It’s been rumored that the all-new car will deliver as much as 1,000 hp in a top version, courtesy of a twin-turbocharged V8 hybrid powertrain.


    A patent drawing suggests the car will feature an engine cover with a glass window supported by a mesh vent surround. (GM)

    A base Stingray model could feature a 500 hp 6.2-liter V8 and cost as little as $60,000, according to sources who spoke with Hagerty.

    Prices for the current Corvette start at $56,995 and run up to $125,090 for the ZR1.

    The report also corroborates an earlier one from GM Authority that said the launch of the car is being held up because its electrical architecture needs to be upgraded to new technology being implemented across the automaker’s lineup.

    The automaker appears to be putting the finishing touches on the super-secret car, however, as GM President Mark Reuss was videotaped riding around in a prototype on public roads in Arizona last week.

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    Is it that the engine is too powerful or that the frame and engine cover are too weak?
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    I think the answer is 'yes' to both.

    Zora Arkus-Duntov was talking about mid-engine 'vettes in the early '60s. I'd expect some engineering challenges by finally stuffing the engine behind the seat. But who the hell ever thought there would be 500-1000 hp engines readily available through dealerships? Dodge SRT Demon, etc.

    True, at one time you could go pick up a real street rod inexpensively off a dealer lot but those didn't even hold a candle to these monstrosities. I think torque boxes were the answer Mopar came up with back then when the thing in the front was powerful enough to twist the things in the back.

    A Corvette is an iconic rear wheel drive V8 sports coupe and I think it's going against the grain to change them this way. At one time you could recognize a 'vette in a flash. Now they look like anything else. Expensive anything elses admittedly.

    That tears it - I won't go out and blow a hundred grand on a car today!!
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