Possible DEW attack in Canneto di Caronia?

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    Following the recent hullabaloo about claims of 'directed energy weapon' attacks in Washington then really was put in mind of anomalous events in the Sicilian seaside village of Canneto di Caronia.

    After a spate of over 300 unexplained fires at the end of 2003 (spontaneous combustion of electrical goods, beds, sofas etc.) the National Government deployed an investigative task force who evacuated the residents and then began constant 24 hour monitoring with specialist equipment.

    In the vid below the head of the team Francesco Venerando explains how they discovered that USB drives and computers were malfunctioning; cars were locking and unlocking on their own and that compasses didn't work (wherever you put them).

    The team also discovered massive, repeated pulses of electromagnetic energy (which they concluded they were not caused by natural events) and speculated that the intense EM bursts were responsible for generating the fires and perhaps part of some kind of secret military experiment.

    Just as the team's data was suggesting the origin of these bursts were coming from off the coast 'in the ocean' their investigation was abruptly shut down by the Italian Government.

    • Lead Investigator Francesco Venerando:

    • Photos / Claims of arson:

    All links now defunct but some very incidents listed and sourced by Internos:

    Could be nothing but turns out that the U.S. Naval 6th Fleet regularly performed their exercises in the seas north of Canneto di Caronia and there's an article below which suggests the activity was ongoing up until the summer of 2014.

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