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    I was going to put this in the podcast recommendations thread, but can't say I recommend it so here we are. Its more about the topic than the podcast.

    I love Astonishing Legends - very entertaining and informative and free. They did a great deep dive on Flight 19 and Amelia Earhart. Just listened to Ep 178: A Live Reading with Jim Hunt, Psychic Medium

    Ep 178: A Live Reading with Jim Hunt, Psychic Medium — Astonishing Legends

    Apparently he appeared in Amazon's Knock Knock Ghost. We made an honest attempt to watch it. Even being lockdown for two months failed to generate enough desperation to watch that hot mess. I've got a pinched nerve in my back right now and was sitting rigidly in an office chair and still managed to fall asleep twice instantly with it on - no doubt my body's protective reflexes kicking in. No mean feat with what feels like the Lance of Longinus jammed in my lower back.

    But the podcast episode gave insight to a psychic reading - something that always fascinated me. I have to tread carefully here and not step on anyone's toes or beliefs- not trying to be insulting, just making some observations based on my experiences.

    @Dejan Corovic has pointed out how lucrative an online business can be if you can get a handle on the advertising, supply and drop shipment. A huge leg up over brick & mortar stores (when shipping isn't bunged up by a pandemic). Here's one better - have a business that trucks in products that already exist in your mind. I imagine quite a savings in shipping alone there. It's a business, plain and simple. Give away the readings for free out of altruism and maybe I'd feel differently. And in one instance, can say that I do.

    First, you have to make your own record of success and powers evident. Really flaunt it, but do so in a way that makes it sound as if you've done it so much it's almost tedious. Like Tommy Lee Jones talking about aliens as Agent K. And just like K, describe the infrastructure; the players, the rules, the methods. Jim Hunt has put together quite a pop-culture panalopy. In my head I think back to young Billy Barton consulting the Immortal Elders before tuning into Shazam.

    Second, when sitting with a client make a bold statement. People looooove to talk about themselves, like to think they are special in some way, harboring a secret strength, burden whatever. So make a bold statement about your client's personality - ask them how they've endured some nonspecific hardship, the pain, the inner strength they must have. In this episode I heard a couple of those that didn't sound as if it really fit but after kicking it around and providing a bit of flattery the target spoke enough about themselves to provide a bit more traction for the medium to continue on with. Cold reading.

    Third, let them know that whatever the result of the session that some problem they've had has been cleared away even if the target doubts this. Let them know it took effort and that you'll continue to keep an eye out for them. Convenient that it is done remotely. Fits right in -working at home is part if the new normal anyway I guess.

    I have a recorded session my wife and I did with George Anderson and he hits most of those touch points but he seemed tired and/or bored that day and wasn't making much of an effort. He'd been paid in advance of course - anonymously with no detail provided. I actually have the hour long session recorded and would post it here if anyone cares. I'd have to endure listening to it again to take away any specific personal details - but in general there wasn't much of that involved. It's tedious, but with the right babel fish in your ear you can hear the standard cold reading mechanisms at work.

    Years ago I got a phone reading from a self-proclaimed psychic. She was a lovely woman, a professional, mom of two, spoke several languages. No dummy. Had lived all over the world as a military wife - and was unhappy in her marriage. Took quite a shining to the Pigfarmer and not to put too fine a point on it, wanted to get laid. I avoided that like the plague. My personal ethos says 'never rub another man's rhubarb.' She did this as a friend. In her phone reading she actually provided some detail about my Mom who had recently passed and I have to say, they were quite surprising. Small details about her posture caused by her medical problems. I have wracked my memory trying to think if I ever provided any of those details and just don't know. The skeptic in me says I must have but damn, it was one of those small things that really caught me by surprise.

    A while ago another AE member here - @Georgek or the like - was talking about his psychic powers, among other things. I think he combined statistical coincidence about some things I mentioned and his own past and decided he has some extrasensory insight into me. When asked about specific detail with no clues provided, it fell flat.

    So in my experience I've seen a small business at work, twice at least, not really any particular paranormal skill. Had one experience that left me scratching my head. What I'd really like is for someone out there who has some ability to bridge into my circuit, dial in, and give me another one of those veridical details under circumstances in which I don't have to go back and question myself.
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    Its side effects of real work of which are manifested in various degrees dependent upon the particular individual performing that task for another...For others who focus on those side effects as if that is the real work, tend to make a carnival show of it, you know, like the fortune teller in the booth next to the freak show...

    The former are few and far between, hidden in plain sight, whilst the latter are like the penny you find while walking to your car in a parking lot...There's always exceptions though few...

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    You have to watch those mesmerists they will get you every time.
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    Probably the wrong thread, but I thought that Oscar deserved a mention with regards to having precognitive knowledge.
    OK, if this thing is as real as purported then i'll go with the theory that Oscar has an ability to detect the 'dying-cell-biochemical-thing' that is undetectable to most other lifeforms on this planet. ... After all it's not an unknown phenomena for other animals [usually dogs] to display similar traits , such as the faithful companions that refuse to leave their master's side when various as-yet undetected medical disasters are looming.


    ... and in a nutshell, I was wondering if anyone thought that , just like Oscar, there are a few humans that also possess this uncanny sense . A wonderous looking bit of psychic ability that is really a very rare quirk of nature that allows a person unknowingly to access some hidden biological chemistry detecting sense that is tucked away on a dusty shelf in the dark recesses of the human mind.? ... just a thought.

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