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Ray Stanford: In the 1950s he claimed direct contact with extraterrestrial "Space Brothers." In the 1960s and 1970s he trance-channeled claimed extraterrestrials (among other entities). For decades, he has presented himself as a hard-data pioneer, making expansive claims for the purported accomplishments of his "Project Starlight International." He has made and continues to make numerous claims to having captured unique and sensational photographic proofs of UFOs and alien technology in action.

Yes, Ray Stanford– born June 21, 1938– has been making bold personal-experience claims pertaining to UFOs and aliens longer than any other person now alive. But in my informed opinion, his is a very dubious legacy.

Personally, I think that some UFOs are of non-prosaic character, and that in some cases, likely either aliens are involved or something else just as weird. I also think that fabulists such as Ray Stanford have done much to retard our collective understanding of those UFOs that are genuinely anomalous. All too often over the last 50 years, I have seen various stenographer-acolytes of Ray Stanford disseminate and amplify various of his UFO-evidence claims, without subjecting those claims to critical scrutiny or placing them in the context of Stanford's complete ufological history. Indeed, as a young fool, for a period of four years (1974-1978) I did that myself.

On April 8, 2024, I published on my website a "hub page," a gateway to all of my investigative articles pertaining to the claims of Ray Stanford regarding UFOs, aliens, exotic technology, psychic channeling, and related matters, covering many Stanford activities from the 1950s to date. I originally posted and published these articles over the past five years on a variety of platforms, beginning with the "Ray Stanford Close Up" series that I posted on this forum from 2019 to 2021 under the pen name "Justice Fodor." I hope that now tying all of my Ray Stanford writings together with a single gateway page (including the material that is only available here on Alien Expanse) will give researchers who are trying to evaluate specific Stanford UFO-evidence claims easier access to my investigative reports-- and also, easier access to a great deal of primary documentation. including interviews, audio recordings, video clips, vintage publications not otherwise available on the Internet, and other documentation.


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As I remember, didn't Stanford have a probably legit sighting that launched him into this stuff? Last I heard of him, he claimed to have a treasure trove of UFO stuff that he wasn't sharing because of how Ufology was treating him.

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I recall chis o Brian and the dynamite shack pics. No one has ever seen them cept him allegedly...


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In 2015 and for several years after, the "dynamite shack photo" (taken by Stanford himself) was one of Stanford's main fish stories. In a 2015 podcast, Stanford described it as "a wonderful photograph in which...people will be able to see, in broad daylight...the Socorro object [egg-shaped UFO], with its landing gear deployed." He said he planned to write a book based on the photo. Christopher O'Brien, Ben Moss, and Tony Angiola went on and on about this photo on various forums. It came as quite a surprise, then, when Stanford himself called in to the Martin Willis YouTube show on September 15, 2020-- Stanford said he'd found the original negative and that the "UFO" was just an artifact of improper cleaning of the negative. I reproduced this entire chronology-- including images of the earlier testimonials by Christopher O'Brien and the other Stanford acolytes, and an audio clip of Stanford's call repudiating the photo-- about 80% of the way to the bottom of the article linked below.
Wild & Woolly Alien Claims Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to Ray Stanford

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I totally forgot about this con artist. I remember listening to him during an interview & just hearing the way he talks & explain things made me think "fraud". I'll always be skeptical to a flying saucer story/video - but I'm super skeptical when it's one person that keeps having repeated sightings & provides some type of "proof" in that of photos/videos (like Billy Meier).


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Personally, I think that some UFOs are of non-prosaic character, and that in some cases, likely either aliens are involved or something else just as weird.
Agreed. I think the actual number of potentially 'real' ones is extremely small compared to the number of reports but considering the topic anything other than zero would be amazing.