Real True And Dark.



Her, Name Is Nikki, I grew up with her and her Cussons, She Was a bit Of A prude, A goodie two shoes, and the first person to ever Rat us out on any given subject. She was like Morally abrasive chaotic Good, To the point that you would avoid being around her. She Hated The Idea Of Drugs and kept her nose super clean her entire life, She had four children, With one Grandchild on the way.. These Are Facts I can State About Nikki.

Living in a Very Small Town, News Travels Fast, So I was At the Doctors Office Because My Daughter/Son,, She Is Trans, "There is a lot of that going around these days", Needed to see the doctor.. So The news going around town was, Have you heard about Nikki. And When I heard the story, I was Shocked, Because None of that sounded like Nikki at all, In fact, She was the last person I would have ever thought something like this would have happened to. I suspect that some sort of foul play has occurred.

Let me tell you the events as I heard them and I ask for thoughts on this, Any input would help here.

The Story as I heard it was, Nikki Sought out someone, She wanted to buy a firearm, She told them frankly that she intended to use it to shoot her boyfriend. So, Strangely enough, She Acquired a firearm, Then Called her Boyfriend, Who was an on-duty police officer by the way to her home. Pretending someone was breaking into her home... The Boyfriend cop shows up and she begins shooting at him. He calls for backup and other police arrive, She shoots at the new cops who then begin firing in her direction. She then is reported to have turned her Gun to her own head and pulled the trigger, Taking her own life.

Seems pretty cut and dry, until you think about it... See, I knew Nikki, She was a pretty level-headed person, Never did drugs, and wasn't prone to these kinds of actions.. None of the stories given seems to fit the person I know, She hated Guns, Believed that Hell was a real place people could go to after death. Never once in her life, Had I ever seen her even angry enough to fight someone.

She wasn't the kind of person who could do something like this... I strongly feel, there is some sort of coverup on these events. What could have upset her so much that events unfolded as they did, What did the boyfriend do? What does he know that he's not telling... Something is very wrong with this story.....

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


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People commit suicide for their own reasons that may not be visible to others. Actually, some have very good and understandable reasons for doing so. If there was some cover up it sounds like it wouldn't take the CSI team to figure it out. Suicide by cop isn't a new idea.


I just don't understand Suicide as a Concept, Believe me, I know it happens. On my end, I've lost everything, time and time again. I lost two daughters, That Hurt as bad as pain can get. I've had wives cheat on me. That Hurt..

So, I don't really understand How Ordinary people who are only coping with emotional issues can become suicidal.
My will to outlive those who hurt me is far too strong to ever give up... So I Don't grasp Suicide when It's senseless like this.

In my Case Though, I have found, That Great Pain, Doesn't last forever, As long as one is still breathing, One can take what they have and rebuild. Most usually, The rebuild is better than what one had before.

What It must be like to be That Police officer boyfriend though. He had to play his part in her death. This may be what she wanted... The World is a messed up place.