Some Very Bizarre Encounters With Human UFOnauts


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Some Very Bizarre Encounters With Human UFOnauts

By Brent Swancer

The UFO phenomenon is truly a world of the weird. Here we have sightings of bizarre crafts, encounters with aliens, and everything in between. Yet while most accounts feature something totally alien, for instance the ubiquitous "Greys" or reptilians, and others, there are also other alien encounters that seem to feature something altogether more human, in fact, totally human. Here we will look at a selection of cases of people coming across UFO occupants only to figure out that they are us.

There have been various cases of encounters which seem to be of humans piloting UFOs or seemingly somehow working in conjunction with otherworldly beings. An early report comes from September of 1972, in the town of Palenque in the Dominican Republic. The unnamed witness was allegedly driving along a rural, desolate stretch of road when he saw in the glow of his headlights a trio of aliens in “grey form-fitting uniforms and with lemon-hued skins.” As the driver slowed down he could see that parked some distance off the road was a large, egg-shaped craft of some sort, and he found himself mesmerized by the sight, stopping his vehicle as one of the figures approached him.

When the strange entity got to his car, it apparently began speaking to the frightened driver in perfect Spanish, and explained that he had actually once been human. According to this being, he had been rescued by the aliens from drowning at sea some seven years earlier, and that his human name had been the not very Spanish-sounding name “Freddy Miller.” According to Miller, his outlandish appearance was due to the fact that he had adapted to life on the alien home world, although it is unclear just how this was accomplished. The two conversed for a while before “Miller” bid him farewell, joined his companions, and the whole trio of them took off on their spacecraft. What in the world was going on here?


A similar case supposedly occurred in November of 1974, outside Huesca, Spain. A couple claimed that they had been driving along a dark, lonely stretch of road when they saw a “pointy-faced” humanoid waving them down frantically as a semi-spherical UFO with alternating red, yellow, and white lights hovered in the background. For some reason the couple did not tear out of there as fast as they could, instead slowing down to see what this strange being wanted. They approached, stopped the car, the humanoid approached and …. asked them for a monkey wrench, of all things. It apparently spoke perfect Spanish and explained that he was human and had once been a “Dr. Flor, from Barcelona.” He told them he needed the wrench to fix a malfunction on his ship. They apparently gave him the wrench, he fixed his ship, and then flew off into the night. No word on whether or not he returned the wrench.

In 1989, Spanish UFO investigator J.J. Ben¡tez investigated a case which took place in the south of Spain, in which some frightened teenagers claimed to have seen two “large, brilliant figures” materialize out of nowhere and then transform into what looked like normal human beings dressed in street clothes appropriate for the time and place. These two figures, a man and a woman, then casually strolled off towards the beach. The teenagers waited around for a while and the strange couple returned a few hours later, after which a UFO appeared above them and the pair disappeared in a flash of light. When they followed the trail of footprints, they found that it led straight into the water at the beach. What in the world?

In October of 1974, a group of UFO researchers in Puerto Rico went out into the El Yunque Rainforest to investigate a spate of sightings in the area, long a hotbed of UFO activity. As they made their way along the trail, they saw a trio of people walking towards them in the opposite direction. As they approached it could be seen that the three of them looked almost like clones of each other, and that they were wearing “nondescript uniforms.” It was odd enough that the group leader, Heriberto Ramos, snapped some covert photos of the trio as they passed. Strangely, when these photos were developed they showed a haze shrouding the figures, and Ramos would later claim that the photos had been stolen from his office.


Even more bizarre is a case that revolves around the famous case of the disappearance of the Australian pilot Frederick Valentich, who vanished on October 21, 1978 while on a flight from Victoria, Australia to King Island aboard a single-engine Cessna 182 aircraft. At some point during this flight, Valentich radioed the Melbourne Air Flight Service (MAFS) to report that he had spotted a “large aircraft” with four lights on it. He would call it in wanting to know if there were any other planes scheduled to be in the area, but things would quickly take a turn for the bizarre.

The transcript of their conversation makes or some spooking reading, and is as follows:

Valentich: “Is there any known traffic in my area below 5,000 feet?”
MAFS: “Negative. No known traffic.”
Valentich: “Seems to be a large aircraft below 5,000 feet.”
MAFS: “What type of aircraft?”
Valentich: I cannot confirm. It has four bright lights that appear to be landing lights…aircraft has just passed over me about 1,000 feet above.”
MAFS: “Is large aircraft confirmed?”
Valentich: “Affirmative; at the speed it is traveling are there any RAAF [Royal Australian Air Force] aircraft in the vicinity?”
MAFS: “Negative. What is your altitude?”
Valentich: “4,500 feet.”
MAFS: “Confirm you cannot identify aircraft?”
Valentich: “Affirmative.”
Three minutes later, Valentich again contacts MAFS:
Valentich: “Aircraft…It’s not an aircraft. It’s” [break in transmission.]
MAFS: “Can you describe aircraft?”
Valentich: “It’s flying past. It has a long shape. Cannot identify more than that…coming for me right now. It seems to be stationary. I’m orbiting, and the thing is orbiting on top of me. It has a green light and sort of metallic light on the outside.”
He then reported that the object had vanished.
MAFS: “Confirm it has vanished?”
Valentich: “Affirmative. Do you know what sort of aircraft I’ve got? Is it military?”
MAFS: “No military traffic in the area.”
At 7:12 p.m. Valentich reported, “Engine is rough idling and coughing.”
MAFS: “What are your intentions?”
Valentich: “Proceeding King Island. Unknown aircraft now hovering on top of me.”
MAFS: “Acknowledge.”
Valentich: “Delta Sierra Juliet [Valentich’s call sign] Melbourne…

After Valentich’s transmission is cut short there is then about 17 seconds of a loud metallic sound and then nothing. Valentich would disappear without a trace, his plane and body never found, and considering that there had been numerous UFO sightings in the area at the time, the UFO lore speculates that he was whisked away by aliens. But what happened to him after that? One bonkers report from Spanish UFO researcher Manuel Carballal claims that he might have the answer, and it is that Valentich merely stayed with the aliens for a while, but had returned to resume life on Earth. According to Carballal, in 1990 a man claiming to be Valentich showed up at Plaza del Charco, on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, even showing his Australian passport to prove it. Oddly, he was said to have shown no signs of having aged since he had disappeared, and when asked what had happened to him he claimed to have been recruited by the aliens and was tasked with telling them about life on Earth. He then disappeared without a trace again. Is there anything to this report? Who knows?

Frederick Valentich

If any of these cases really are describing humans who have for whatever reason been recruited or been taken in by extraterrestrials, then to what end might this be? Is it curiosity, a desire to know more about us, or is it something more sinister? One strange and not a little ominous theory comes from ex-WW II fighter pilot, former intelligence operative, and UFO researcher Luis Anglada Font, who believes such cases are indicative of a nefarious plot put into motion by the aliens, involving recruiting human sympathizers for the purpose of using them as spies, terrorists, and to generally destabilize and undermine society so that we may be eventually replaced. Conversely, they may even be recruiting humans to join some sort of invasion force.

It is all pretty off-the-wall, and UFO researcher Scott Corrales has said of some of Anglada’s ideas:

In the Grey-and-Reptoid-haunted 1980’s, 1990’s, and today, it is almost heretical to suggest that any other possible form of occupant can emerge from a UFO. But human ufonauts remain an intriguing part of the picture, and their very existence has suggested very disturbing possibilities to certain investigators. Anglada turned his military man’s eye upon a problem that distressed him greatly: he had no doubt as to the fact that UFOs and their occupants were real, but what was to be made of the humans who are often seen aboard UFOs or involved in some sort of activity with the ufonauts? The evidence presented by Luis Anglada in his argument was based on the mysterious disappearances of humans and “breeding experiments.” Humans were being abducted in order to breed an “invasion force” that would be human and acclimated to the alien’s home planet. He suggested that not all the force would consist of conscripts-some would be youthful volunteers, who, attracted by the prospect of adventure, would choose to throw their lot in with the ufonauts.
Despite the “space opera” ring that such a claim leaves in our ears, the truth is that humans have been reported in some landmark cases. Anglada offers a more ominous possibility: these UFO-related humans (as well as the “offspring” of our contemporary abductees, resulting from the breeding experiments to which they are allegedly subjected) could well be our replacements on this planet, after our own race is annihilated either by design or accident. In his militaristic scenario, these hybrid humans would be returned to Earth as our overlords or taskmasters: much more alien than human in custom, training and choice. The genetic experiments being visited upon unsuspecting humans worldwide reinforce the above mentioned possibility. But what do the very human collaborators stand to benefit from it all? Power, influence or status in the real “new world order”? It remains anyone’s guess.

What are we to make of such cases? Why should people be riding around in or even piloting these otherwordly craft? It truly boggles the mind. Are they in league with these alien forces, is this some sort of trick, is it all just delusions, or is it maybe, just maybe something else? No matter what the case may be, these reports of human beings and UFOs are certainly bizarre, and form their own little corner of the larger UFO phenomenon.