Strange Tales of Haunted and Possessed Computers

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    Strange Tales of Haunted and Possessed Computers
    By Brent Swancer

    The phenomenon of ghosts and hauntings has been with us for since as long as we have entertained the idea that the soul might exist past our physical expiration date. Over these centuries our society has changed, technology has advanced and evolved, and ghostly phenomena seemingly along with it. Whereas once ghosts and spooks were solely within the realm of haunted houses, seances, and Ouija boards, they seem to have evolved with the times, with there being many accounts of hauntings related to machinery, electronics, and even smart phones and computers. Indeed, it seems that computers and the like are a sort of new frontier for hauntings and tales of the paranormal, and here we will look at some eerie stories of this sort of thing going on.

    In some cases, the phenomena of “haunted computers” almost seem to be like the poltergeist activity of an afflicted home, with various strange things going on without any discernible cause and for the most part just troublesome and annoying. With computers, it might be our tendency to write these off as mere technical glitches, but some cases seem to be more than that. One such account comes from Reddit user “AcidGatter,” who claims that what he originally taken to be the hacking of his brother’s computer soon turned out to be something perhaps far more mysterious. He says of what happened:


    Who knows? A similar type of story appeared on the site Above Top Secret, from a witness who says his computer has seemingly sort of developed a mind of its own, turning on and off and making anomalous sounds at all hours. The phenomena is creepy enough to have left him wondering just what is going on, and he explains:

    Besides this weirdness, other supposedly haunted computers seem to involve actual ghosts or entities reaching out through the screen from beyond. One type of this sort of phenomenon are cases where lost family or friends seem to be trying to communicate from the beyond the veil that separates life from death, in a way serving the same purpose that Ouija boards once did. One commenter on a forum at Unexplained Mysteries says he believes that his long dead grandfather is trying to make contact with his grandmother through his computer. He explains:
    From Reddit user “Boseph617” we have an account of his dead uncle seemingly trying to make contact through his computer in ways that have left him baffled. It seems to have all begun when he decided to go to grad school, something his uncle had always wanted to see him do, and for which it seems he is willing to communicate something from beyond the grave. The witness says:

    A rather bizarre report comes from a poster called “valkricy,” on the site Your Ghost Stories, who explains that her passed away great Aunt Sylvie was a witch who had lived in the foothills of Kentucky her whole life up into her death. This aunt apparently had a lot of fascinating stories and tales of the paranormal surrounding her, which the witness wanted to tell on an open forum, but what is rather strange is that apparently Aunt Sylvie did not want her story told, and did everything in her power to keep this information secret. The poster says of her odyssey in trying to tell her Aunt’s story:

    Also from Your Ghost Stories is the case of poster “Granpa,” in the state of California. In 2013 he lost his closest childhood friend, and oddly the friend’s wife had decided to keep the death a secret by not notifying anyone about it. Indeed, she didn’t even arrange an open funeral or memorial service. It was all very strange, but it would get even stranger still, and the witness explains:
    Some of these cases are creepy to say the least, yet even creepier still are cases of not the ghosts of family or friends, but unknown entities with inscrutable intent. One witness called “sammi” says on Your Ghost Stories that her own experience happened in Australia when she was in the 6th grade, as she was one day playing on the computer on an online doll dressing site. Things started off with a sudden cold spot that enveloped her as she sat there at the computer screen, even though the day had been rather warm. This cold spot was apparently so well-defined that she could extend her arm and feel the warm air outside of this pocket of cold, and as she sat there in this cocoon of frigid air baffled and creeped out, the mouse on the screen allegedly began to move on its own accord as the game seemingly began playing by itself. This would lead into a series of bizarre ghostly events, and the witness explains of what happened:

    As scary as it all is, at least this entity seems to have been benevolent. The same cannot be said of some other cases that seem to suggest computers that have become the tool of more sinister entities, perhaps even straight up demons or the Devil himself. This certainly seems to have happened to a Reverend Jim Peasboro, of Savannah, Georgia, in the United States, who genuinely believes that computers can most certainly act as portals for dark forces. He says of his own strange encounter through the computer:
    Whoa, I don’t think that is covered in the warranty. Peasboro is so convinced that computers are tools of the Devil that he has written a whole book on it, called The Devil in the Machine: Is Your Computer Possessed by a Demon? and believes that possession by demons can be experienced by anything with a mind, including humans, animals, and even the processor of your computer. One very weird account comes from a poster on the site dreamsofdunamis, who says that as she was surfing the net one evening she came across a car ad that was filled with what seemed to be sinister and cryptic Illuminati symbolism. As she scrolled down, she found more of these creepy symbols and a line of spectral black and white figures, and that at that point she claims to have actually felt a demon physically leap out from the screen and actually pass through her. This is all strange enough as it is, but whatever presence had come through the computer had apparently gone on to prowl around the house, as her son soon came into the room complaining of having been woken up and attacked by some sort of terrifying entity. She said of what happened next:

    She then goes on to speculate that the demon had come through the image on her computer, and that others might have entered her house as well. This caused her to go about praying to cast out any residual demonic forces lurking within the home. As they did this she claims to have heard a startling, loud noise like something wet hitting the floor nearby, and they looked to see a shadowy figure about 4 feet in height and possessing wings, which crouched there for a moment before screaming as if in pain and falling backwards to seemingly phase right through the wall. She goes on to claim that her family has been attacked on several occasions by such supernatural forces coming through their computer screen or even TV. She says of this:
    She blames this on Satanists posting images and videos with magical spells attached to them to facilitate the entry of demons into our world, and claims these show up on any site that attempts to cast light into the world of the unknown (like, say, the one you are reading right now). She goes on to give this warning:
    Juts what is going on here and is this witness for real? When looking at these sorts of stories it is interesting to note that even as our technology has changed and advanced, the same mysteries and superstitions that have plagued humankind for centuries still manage to adapt into our world. Evil spirits and demonic possession have found a way to hold on, stay relevant, and get with the times. Instead of arcane rituals, spells, and speaking through Ouija boards, we now have these forces supposedly popping through our computer and smartphone screens, reaching out from the beyond by way of the very technology that seems as though it should have made these phenomena obsolete. Whether any of these stories are true or not, the next time your computer is on the fritz perhaps you don’t need a repairman, but an exorcist.

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