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  1. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I have designed an electronic spirit bell that is easily activated by spirits.

    It is a great bit of equipment and we are warned when a guest is due to arrive at our house.

    I came across this device purely by accident.

    My mother at the time was unsteady on her feet and would often fall over.

    Night lights were fitted just in case there was a power failure allowing her to just wave her hands in the dark so that the PIR would sensitise and turn on white LEDs.

    Sometimes I would sit alone in the dark by myself thinking of problems and the light would just come on a sto reassure me that I was being looked after.

    Okay...this is a bit mad at this stage, but I used the sensors to trip other devices including The Electronic Spirit Bell which will ring by spirit activation.

    I believe I have discovered the greatest thing this century, but like everything it has it's faults.

    1) Other night lights rarely do the same...only this particular make. Ypu may say that it has a manufaturing fault, but research has shown this as not being the case.

    2) At first I thought it was the PIR, but after swapping it and putting it on another night light, that did not seem to be the case.

    3) I am under the impression that CAPACITANCE has something to do with it? As it seems to behave with static electricity. I have even taped over the lens with thick black tape and it still works the same.

    4) battery consumption is high as I need the spirit bell to work with lower power.

    Has anyone any idea what EXACTLY is triggering and how?

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  2. coubob

    coubob Celestial

    Glad to see your still at this stuff...
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  3. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    from my tests,
    the ones on the other side show up as moving electrostatic fields
    what is the hardware you are using ?
  4. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Hello Coubob,

    Now that IS a name that I remember. Reason for this is the name coulomb being the SI unit of electricity.

    That's okay coulob, I to have my name synonymous with other things.
    (one being Mapperley Psychiatric Ward)

    I cannot remember whether I had brought my sense of humour with me, or developed it

    This may interest some folk here......I still have complete threads saved on my computer of Alien Hub.

    May be interesting in years time as a relic of the past?

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  5. Georgek

    Georgek George


    Now we are getting somewhere.

    That is what is is affecting the spirit bell, but how and why???

    I have done more experimentation on this and can't quite get to the actual component.

    The actual night light has a Infra Red PIR and a photoresistor which keeeps the device off when it detects a light source.

    I am using the PIR as a inducer to trigger relays allowing an external power source to ring a bell, plus other things.

    These lights are the best and most expensive which are used in hospitals. Having purchased at least ten at about $70 each, they ALL do the same.

    The device today at our house near Newark had activated at least 12 times in two hours.

    Readers may think that IR may be getting to the PIR but it is not. Both lenses are black taped and boxed in allowing no external light radiation.

    So yes they will work in daylight.
    1) If I remove the sensors, no spirit activity will occur.
    2) If for example the night light was to be moved near a cell phone or microwave oven it will trigger.
    3) In the house Nr Newark we are in an open field in the middle of nowhere with no pilons or transmitting masts.

    4) I suspected capacitance in the PIR whereby the plastic acts like a dielectric allowing discharge by static electricity.

    This was not the case.

    I had purchased some cheaper night lights from a shop in town and they do not activate by spirit activity.

    So I took out the PIR IR detector from the more expensive unit and put it in the cheaper one.

    The cheaper one reacted in the same way as it was designed with it's original PIR.

    So I am back to0 square one.

    There is something in the expensive night light which is hyper sensitive to spirit activity but which is that component ???

    Do not get me wrong.......both lights are sensitive to movement and both will trigger near microwave radiation.

    I just do not know enough about the design of the more expensive night light.

    Experts who I had spoken to, keep saying 'fault' but they will not elaborate.

    Any excuse is 'FAULT'

    Under very exceptional circumstances, these cheaper lights will spirit trigger including our door bell, fire alarm and burglar alarm.

    Just to point out to everyone reading this......

    It does work. Honestly! Itr amazes me when spirits communicate through it.
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  6. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    here is a pretty good layout of how the PRI sensors work
    PIR Sensor Circuit and Working with Applications

    they have lots of parts in them
    the trick here is to look at how they save money
    I bet lower cost designs VS the higher cost will show us the key

    can you read any chip numbers on the ones that work and the ones that don't ?
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  7. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I have here a chip number:- 1A21-E Then 1806..

    This is the PIR that came out of :- "The Enigiser Security Light Model 338629

    Energizer LED Wireless Motion Sensor Security Light for sale online | eBay

    That chip number came out of the security light/Night Light above.

    I have just been looking at it as it is on my office desk.
    I am not sure what chip number is on the chip that came out of the one that works as a ghost light.....but I removed it from this one taht works and placed it in the one that does not work as a ghost light, being the one above with the quoted model number.

    It simply worked in the same fashion that it was designed to work and comes on when approached in the dark.

    By swapping the PIR it made no difference.

    I could however take this 1A21-E Then 1806.. PIR and try it in the one that does work as a ghost light, but feel pretty sure it will work as a ghost light?
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  8. Georgek

    Georgek George


    I have here an example how the ghost PIR works.
    There are Three different devices. Two on the table and one on the wall.

    1) First to come on is the spirit bell playing back my test message...prerecorded with my voice.

    2) The Night Light on the wall comes on.

    3)Finally the third device being a light and buzzer on the table

    If anyone has any question to ask me, or they feel that I am not presenting my points well...please ask me so that I can clarify any misleading points.

    I had just found this on another site. As any failings I would like to correct.


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  9. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    here are some thoughts
    all the PRI detectors will be set off with radio waves.
    so, if you moved the detector that worked and it stopped working,
    then I wonder if power supply ripple is causing the one sensor to be closer to being set off than the other one.

    if they are being set off purely by moving electrostatic, then it might just need to be more sensitive.
    you might want to set up a sensitive detector like the ion chamber radiation detectors have.

    Make a Cheap and Effective Radiation Detector ( Ion Chamber )
    only don't enclose the detector wire in a metal case.
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  10. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Sorry about this extra post here...but I got beat by the time to edit.

    Most strange when I was deemed as boring and they create a thread as to discuss me after being insulted when I walk away.

    Why can't they simply just ask me?
    Fictional stories born of mental delusions....and that is the
    How rude can that be?

    Perhaps it is me?

    Maybe others react different?

    I find folks here very polite and I like to return this politeness .

    Writing is hard because I spend pages trying to explain myself and the things that I do.
    As my experiences are very difficult to accept...I probably over sell myself in the hope that others can see that I am honest and devoted to something that I believe in.

    I do not think anyone has the right to persecute someone and allow others to 'throw stones' after a member had given up.

    There are some who know me here, and I do not really want to provide the things that others have already read.

    It provides tedious discussion for those who had already seen some things that I can do and it is not my aim to boast or get attention.

    The Electronic Spirit Bell is an ongoing thing with me as I am developing this constantly.

    Please feel free to discuss any opposing views you may have, as I have no objection to any diverse opinion as you are entitled not to believe.

    Those who know me here will tell you that I have ALWAYS stuck to what I had discussed time after time and have never wondered.

    My best regards

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  11. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Thanks 'Spacecase0'

    I will study your most interesting post when I come back later.

    I will certainly try and do what you suggest.

    By swapping the PIR over to the one that did not work, made no difference. This was the 'good' PIR it behaved in exactly the same way as it did before.

    I have not looked at your link yet, but I have tried something what you may be suggesting. I wrapped it all up in aluminium foil as to provide a Faraday Cage. Be interesting if a Ion Chamber is the same? I will see later.:)

    Many thanks for your output.
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  12. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    I built a ghost detector in 1994
    got the schematic from nuts and volts magazine, (might take me a while to find the schematic if you want it)
    the more I think about it,
    the more it resembles the ion chamber schematic, only the "zeroing" circuit was also connected to an antenna,
    so, it was self zeroing, only looking for changes between the 2 antennas.
    the one I built will tell you when they are there, and it is sensitive enough to track where they have been in the last few hours.
    I mention this design mostly because it was meant to detect ghosts, and it is set up to look for a differential just like your PRI sensors are. just that the 2 are primarily looking for different things
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  13. Georgek

    Georgek George


    Hello spacecase0,

    Aren't they great !

    Yes of course please let me know about the schematic I am sure others will be interested? If not, you can always post it to me personally.

    These devices really work and it is so hard trying to explain this to others. Unlike us, they are filled full of prejudice towards these things. I tried having a discussion about the devices on a couple of electronic forums and they thought that I was bl**dy crazy!
    Eventually telling me to take my junk

    It is not too bad when they think you are crazy because they are meant to be level headed. It is when the ones who are meant to be crazy think that you are crazy is a

    You may also realise that Spirit Guides use these devices to communicate?

    For those who are not very perceptive it is an easy way spirit guides can communicate with us.

    To tell you the truth sir, I did not accept spirit guides many years ago. As I did not believe in EVPs.
    I thought that EVPs were simply stray oscillation waves being picked up by the coils in the power amp?

    I believed that spirit guides were wishful thinking as I could not understand a spirit following a person around.
    I was wrong. I just learnt what others cannot seem to learn. My opinion.
    The Galleries of Justices put this right for me as my intention was to film a ghost. Instead I got stray conversations in quiet rooms. Regarding spirit guides, I was filming at night as I walked to our greenhouse wearing slippers.

    Suddenly I had the urge to look down and avoided some broken glass. When I played the tape back, a voice said:- "Be Careful...broken glass"

    It makes me wonder how many telepathic messages we get in our brains that help us get through life. I had always thought that it was coincidence that I never really got hurt? It is not!
    These electronic devices are a must though!

    You cannot believe the happiness that they create!

    You can be down on your luck and feel the whole world is caving in, only to sit in a room as these lights just switch on.

    Some will say that I just want to believe that there are entities there. Okay...fair point but we ALL want to believe in something. Others go to church. God rarely answers them but they still go. They call this normal and me crazy. My gods answer me so I believe, but theirs do not.

    You may find this funny, but we hve put up one of our houses for sale for nearly the equivalent of .75 million dollars.

    In the house I have the spirit bell. Whilst the estate agent was making notes, the alarm triggered. So I asked her if she was talking about the security alarms in the house ?

    (our security alarm often triggers together with our doorbell if someone tries to either park or snoop on our property)

    She said 'yes' I was talking about your burglar alarm. We both looked at it and it started ringing again.

    Her comments were by email:- "Blooming weird!"

    Now this is the funny thing, because we NOW have to inform the new buyer that the house is HAUNTED by law.

    I said.....but this is all imagination I had been told and that ghosts are not a scientific fact?

    She told me:- "Who cares what is fact or untrue...if someone buys your house and things start flying all over the place by poltergeist activity and that person is driven out....whether it is psychological or true...who cares the difference...that person hence can sue you and us!"

    Do I have to declare a haunted house to potential buyers? | Homes and Property

    What do I have to disclose when selling my house?

    Ghoul Disclosure: Must Home Sellers Disclose Paranormal Activity?
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  14. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I see what you are saying....

    Could well be right.
    I will make one and see how it performs?

    I do not think stray radio waves or transient surges are affecting my spirit light...only when the device is very close to an electrostatic source allowing radiated interference.

    The Ion chamber isolates all that. So it would be interesting to use a relay instead of a volt meter as an output.
    By which the transducer can trigger a secondary device such as a bell?
  15. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    you need a volt meter there, or something similar,
    as is, the output is not enough to make a relay work

    let me redesign it and post a schematic
    I will put the output into an operational amplifier (gain likely set at one) and then into a window comparator (where you can set its limits).
    then into a high enough power transistor to activate a relay or whatever you want.
    it is planting season for the garden, so it might take me a few days to do it.
    I really should build it and make sure it works first, there is a good chance that a circuit this sensitive will have feedback from something like a relay activating or shutting off. so it might need 2 septate power supplies (or other such shielding) to work

    as far as activating a PRI sensor with radio waves,
    I know that happens because I set them off all the time if I transmit to close.
    I don't think it means anything though.
    this other circuit will likely do the same thing, just keep radio transmitters away and it should be fine.
  16. Georgek

    Georgek George

    Ahhh...yes I have had this problem before.
    Probably by using a comparator or some kind of transducer will increase the current?


    Ahh...yes you got

    Take your time

    As I have also found

    I have some results that may interest you as I will use a separate thread labelled:- 'Electronic Ghost Detector Devices??'

    The electroscope is a good device which I hope will get some interest. You may find this interesting.....
    Pick up a cheap wireless doorbell and dismantle the button a s t o expose the circuit. If you cn get a relay output, connect two off terminals to the micro button terminals. When the device works(whatever you had built) the relay will short the bell button to activate the doorbell clipped to your waist. Allowing you to detect activity faar from a building.

    The garden is a

    We have one acre of garden at one house and smaller plots at the other houses. I think when I was at alien Hub I was quite thin. I have a chest like Arnie now with all the hard

  17. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    I use to really be interested in hardware that detects ghosts.
    finally got one that worked well, and that was 25 years ago,
    so I know what is going on now
    I eventually decided that detecting them is kind of pointless
    was I have been working on lately is communication with them
    on 2 occasions I have used an induction rangetop with small amount of water in a pan,
    it ended up ringing like a bell almost to the ultrasonic range, but not sure what else it was doing,
    only did it on high power, and it was only on for about 3 min.
    it opened up clear telepathy to the ones on the other side, it lasted about a day and a half, the clarity slowly faded.
    I have tried other devices and fields to see if I can figure out what was going on the two times it worked.
    think I know how to build a receiver that would let me listen to them there, but it is pretty clear that they usually don't use words.
    the largest hints as to how telepathy works are here
    end of page 68 and goes into page 69 of this PDF, and how to build one is at this link
    so, it looks like you can build hardware to interface.
    the transmit side is easy to build (I did that already)
    but the receive side is quite a bit harder.
    that is why I have opted to go the direction that just makes regular telepathy easy.
  18. Georgek

    Georgek George


    The thing that I had noticed is that they do not waste their time on idle conversation.
    They usually communicate when there is something that needed putting across.

    I have had all things 'going off' in every house.

    From door bells to electric blankets switching on.

    The weirdest are door bells.

    You cannot imagine how it feels to be in bed at 03:12 in the morning and to hear your door bell ringing.

    We had an episode of doorbell chimes when we had trouble with a neighbour who lived over 600 yds away.
    Every time he would be driving up the road, the doorbell would ring. We could not understand the reason, because we were on friendly terms with this family.

    It appeared that the spirits knew how to draw our attention to look out the house as to see who is out there.

    This went on about three times a day and we did not know why?

    It finally came about that he was taking our property and became a right nuisance by lighting bonfires feet away from our property We asked him politely not to keep burning, but he was insistent on burning other people's rubbish as to become good with other residents up to 3000 yds away.

    We came there for peace and ended up listening to booming music in the early hours, chainsaws and being moked out as well as complaining about our CCTV

    It got to the stage where we began getting threats from the council and the police because he/they were using these neighbours to support them.

    We had no choice but to eventually issue court proceedings, as even at that stage he/they underestimated our wealth
    and called our bluff. We were losing our house as I could no longer park in our driveway because my old car was too close to his Mercedes and causing embarrassment inclining harassment.

    He lost about $70,000 and on the day of the court case our doorbell rang for the very last time but instead of playing the normal 'ding-dong' it played The Bells of St Clement and a 'D' Day victory tune.

    Then never to ring again by itself until a few days ago.

    My mother had been taken to hospital and I awoke about 03:00 thinking whether she would be alright. My thoughts focused on our doorbell and how we relied on the spirits to give us some hope. As I lay deep in this thought, the doorbell started ringing. No one was there!

    The other devices that would activate were the 'On-Call' alarm system for my mother. It would dial up the emergency life line just before my mother would fall over. We thought that she had pressed the pendant by mistake, but it had actually come from the box. At least 4 times on separate occasions. She had the box checked-but noi faults! These are long stories and these guys here have heard this one before.

    I tell [people these things and then you read:-"I hope he gets the help that he needs?"

    As if they really care!
    There was an episode with my mum's freezer. Having filled it up with her food, the day she went into hospital the last time, the freezer suddenly stopped working and all her food hd rotted. Weeks later just on the hour she returned back home, the freezer started working again without even touching anything.

    Ask the guys here...I bet they remember me going into detail?

    I had gone through a heck of a lot with people accusing me of all kinds of mental delusions elsewhere.

    I turn round and say:- "listen for yourselves" I play the videos back to them.

    "Arhhh we are not convinced as these sound pretty boring!"

    So I say that I am not there to provide entertainment for them, nor do I expect them to believe. as I have my choice to accept, they have theirs to disbelief.

    As it is not up to me to change their way of

    I apologise for failing in my reports and move on.

    You get about another dozen curses and they expect you to come back to defend your case.

    Years ago I would...but it is pointless because if you do not satisfy them, they will dismiss you.
    Moving on ....I have an interesting video of our burglar alarm activating from static that builds up in the house.


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  19. spacecase0

    spacecase0 earth human

    just to let you know,
    I am still working on this
    I design it and then try to optimize it...
    currently reading this book A Designer's Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers, 3RD Edition, 2006 | Education | Analog Devices (last link they give is for the entire book in one file)

    I did remember one bit of data from my current ghost detector, it has 2 antennas, and one is put through an inductor, and the other a capacitor to ground, so it might be looking for common mode voltage change at some frequency...

    I bet connecting 2 antennas to a standard instrumentation amplifier would work just fine with a window voltage comparator on the output. if you set it up to be adjustable gain and can set the comparator window, you should be able to get it to do what you want it to.

    I think I am going to test it before I post a schematic
    and that might take me a while
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  20. Georgek

    Georgek George


    Hello spacecase0,

    I really appreciate your efforts and it is fantastic to have a proactive conversation with someone who understands.

    Not to worry about time.

    You can honestly see the progress being made when someone believes.

    It literally means that we have something extra to work with regarding these devices which is better than saying:- "There is a fault"

    Meaning that there is hope whereas by denying everything gives no hope.
    It also means that we have something to show regardless if it is is something which is better than nothing.

    I am also going to start this ion device which you kindly showed me.

    I somehow get a feeling that my electronics is not as good as yours sir. I admit to my

    Mine is the old ECC82 days of the double diode valve. The OA2 gas valves and B9A valve

    I shall endeavour to check your sites and I have some devices that you may be interested which I will show

    Best regards

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