The History Of Extraterrestrial Life...

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    Cool. I'd caution taking Philadelphia Experiment too seriously. Bill Moore and Charles Berlitz would tell you themselves that they wrote the stories and didn't concern themselves overly with facts. Wasn't Bill Moore the man who outed himself as a disinfo agent in a UFO conference in '89?
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    Berlitz is connected to intelligence agencies as well.
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    I have no idea. I read the book a long time ago. Don't worry about how seriously I take anything. I am a thinker. I did meet a guy who claimed to be on that ship and he had quite a wild story about being put in another body afterwards, which was part of that story that the military had technology to move someone's consciousness from one body to another. But I have also met people who claim to be "walk ins from the ashtar command" too.
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    Funny thing about this area of interest. People will come right out and tell you 'I made it up - it's all bullshit' and yet a certain number of people will doublethink all that and decide it's a secret coded message or something. You can find the video of Moore where he gets up in front of a room full of his peers and comes out with exactly that. And then, as I understand it, flipped the bird to the whole thing and went on with his life.

    Once I went on a ghost hunt in Gettysburg. Midnight, out in a rainy cornfield with a few other couples. The guide came to me with a pair of dowsing rods that crossed and told me there was a spirit right in front of me. So I put on my best martial voice and asked a few basic questions. Great theater, the guides loved it, tip jars full. The whole time a young man next to be was staring with saucer eyes and his heart racing like a bunny. He was holding the EMF detector that they gave him that blinked all the time and was holding it like it was a cross and he was about to dispel Old Scratch himself. The dry one I brought in my own pocket did not reveal an ectoplasmic presence, or a leaky seal around a microwave door or anything else.

    Once I realized how upset he was - and let it go on long enough for my amusement - I told him I was just kidding, did not sense a spirit and received no answers to my questions. I made it up, it was all bullshit. He bolted. Saw him in town the next day, bumped right into him. I thought he was mad because I was pulling his leg and wanted to apologize. He didn't believe me, said it was a real encounter.

    Oy vey. See what I mean?
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