The Mandalorian


tall, thin, irritable
they have ten new Star Wars

I remember lining up at the local theater to see Star Wars the first time in 1977. Who could've imagined all this way back then?

On another note, the first peek we all got of Darth Vader was him boarding Leia's ship and then single handedly crushing the life out of a rebel before tossing away his lifeless husk. Now I see around the neighborhood he's a cute lawn inflatable bearing Christmas gifts. Not sure how that happened exactly. Possibly the Mandela Effect at work again ....
Baby Yoda and his favourite knob. I got this.

Nice. I got my girlfriend the life-scale Baby Yoda, but he didn't come with a knob so I'll have to find one for him...and possibly a levitating egg transport too:

Bay Yoda doll life scale.jpg


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