The Men in Black are still around


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More on the Mystery of M.I.B. and Monsters
By Nick Redfern

Today’s article follows on from my previous article on the connection between the Men in Black and the domain of Cryptozoology. The case under the microscope today, however, deserves a feature all of its own – such is the level of high-strangeness that dominates the affair. It all revolves around the ultimately ill-fated Loch Ness Monster researcher, Ted Holiday – the author of such books as The Great Orm of Loch Ness and The Goblin Universe. On the night of June 2, 1973, Loch Ness played host to something truly extraordinary. It was nothing less than a full-blown exorcism, one that was designed to forever banish the malignant monsters from the deep and dark waters. It was all the work of Donald Omand, both a doctor and a reverend. He was a man who had substantial knowledge on, and experience of, the domain of all things supernatural. Of his thoughts on the Nessie phenomenon, Reverend Omand said: “Each year I drive along most of the long, somewhat tedious, shore of Loch Ness in traveling from the Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness, and never yet have I observed the monster.”


We should not, however, interpret this to mean that Omand was a skeptic when it came to the Loch Ness creatures. In fact, quite the opposite was the case. He believed that one had to be at the loch at the right time to encounter one of the monsters. His reasoning was simple: the Nessies were supernatural entities that could only be encountered when the circumstances were conducive to an encounter. For Omand, the monsters were projections of something large and terrifying from a bygone era – monsters that may have existed millions of years ago but which continue to manifest, albeit in paranormal form. For the reverend, the supernatural beasts had to be cast out, and the sooner the better, too. He was helped in his venture by none other than Ted Holiday. As fascinating as all of the above undeniably is, far more intriguing is what happened in the wake of the exorcism. To fully appreciate the situation, it’s best to take a look at Ted Holiday’s very own words. They revolve around nothing less than a Man in Black.

Holiday began: “The next morning before breakfast I decided to step down to the lower caravan to collect some oddments from my suitcase. It was a beautiful fresh morning, and the lawns wet with dew. As I turned the corner of the house I stopped involuntarily. Across the grass, beyond the roadway and at the top of the slope leading down to Loch Ness at the top of which the caravan was located, stood a figure. It was a man dressed entirely in black. Unlike other walkers who sometimes pause along here to admire the Loch Ness panorama, this one had his back to the loch and was staring at me fixedly as soon as I turned the corner. Indeed, to all appearances he was waiting for me. We were about 30 yards apart, and for several seconds I just stared back wondering who the hell this was. Simultaneously, I felt a strong sensation of malevolence, cold and passionless…”


Holiday continued: “I walked forward warily, never taking my eyes off the figure. He.was about six feet tall and appeared to be dressed in black leather or plastic. He wore a helmet and gloves and was masked, even to the nose, mouth and chin. The eyes were covered in goggles, but on closer approach, I could detect no eyes behind the lenses. The figure remained motionless as I approached except possibly for a slight stirring of the feet. It didn’t speak and I could hear no breathing. I drew level and hesitated slightly, uncertain what to do next, then walked past at a range of about a yard. I stopped a few feet beyond him and gazed down at Loch Ness.”

The final words on this matter from Holiday: “I stayed thus for perhaps 10 seconds, making a decision. Something about the figure seemed abnormal and I felt the need to test whether it was real. I started to turn with the vase plan of pretending to slip on the grass so that I might lurch against the figure and thus check its solidity, but this proved impossible. As I was turning my head, I heard a curious whispering or whistling sound and I swung round to find the man had gone. In two steps I was on the road. There was about half a mile of empty road visible to the right and about a hundred yards to the left. No living person could have gotten out of sight so quickly. Yet he had undoubtedly gone. I told no one about this incident for months because it seemed logically impossible, and I had not the slightest evidence that it took place.”



As Above So Below
The Creepiest Side of the Men and Women in Black: Missing Limbs, No Lips and Hairless (Really!)
By Nick Redfern

Denise Stoner is a well-respected UFO researcher and someone who has been very generous in sharing with me her UFO experiences (and those of her family too). Many of those accounts concern both Men in Black and Women in Black. Denise told me a particularly creepy story from June 2018, that involved her husband. There’s a good reason why I mention this: it ties in with other, similar cases I have on file. Denise emailed me the following: “My husband’s run-in with a possible WIB was a few days ago when he decided he would take a bike ride around a lake he travels around on a regular basis and knows it well. If he is feeling pretty energetic, he begins near a pool and park complex, rides the trail nearby and then turns into an area that has a Vet memorial then on around the lake that used to be part of the Navy Base – now new housing. When he entered the path, there was a woman jogging with one of those jogging strollers but the top was down so he could not see a baby inside.”

Denise continued: “This woman had sunglasses on that wrapped around her head and looked way too large for her head. She was thin and about 6 ft. tall. She smiled at my husband as he passed on his bike. As he reached about the halfway point, there she was, in front of him. So, he thought she might have come around the other way, which made sense; but then he realized she had been behind him, pulled in front and did a U-turn so he would notice her. She smiled at him once again, which he felt was really odd and the smile was not normal. She was very thin and pale skinned. He still did not feel uncomfortable because not much scares him. He just thought she was a weird person.”


And, finally, from Denise: “He has figured out that she would have to be running at 26 mph in order to catch up to him [who was] doing 12 mph on his bike. He felt an odd sense of concern. He did not stop but slowed down to about 6 mph I believe. As he approached her, she dropped her sunglasses to show him huge black eyes that we at least 4X human size and they wrapped around the side of her head. She grinned again and this time he noticed she did not have a real nose; plus her mouth was long and thin with no teeth – only a dark gap. She stared hard at him; the hair on his arms stood up as he continued on. Once he reached the exit, he thought of turning back to see where she had gone if anywhere, looked back as he made the turn and could not see her at all. He still felt afraid.”


You’ll see that I placed the following words in italics: “he noticed she did not have a real nose” and “no teeth.” There’s a reason why I mention that. As totally bizarre as it sounds, this is not the first time I have heard stories of Men in Black and Women in Black with missing body parts. One story comes from Springfield, Ohio and dates from October 1973. The witness was a woman who had two black helicopters hover over her home, late at night, after encountering a bright, large ball of light briefly land on her property. The next morning there was a knock on the door. You guessed it: it was a Man in Black. The man nodded in the direction of a military ID card pinned on his jacket and claimed to have come from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He clearly did not come from the facility. The woman – Janet K – told me she reached out and shook the man’s black-gloved right hand, something that surprised the strange character and shocked her to the core. The reason why Janet was so shocked? She said that it was as if the glove was completely empty. It appeared to be affixed to the sleeve of the MIB’s jacket, yet there was clearly nothing inside the glove. It’s hardly surprising that Janet slammed the door and called her husband. He raced home, only to find the MIB gone.

I have another story for you, this one from New York, and from a woman who is a long-time alien abductee and who was visited by a pale-looking Man in Black in July of 1982. The woman had had an abduction experience the night before. And the following day there was one of those dark-suited creeps demanding to speak with her. She didn’t let him in – mainly because of the MIB’s appearance: his lips were “not formed” said the woman. I asked her what she meant by that and she said it was as if the lips had been burned or “melted away.” Abnormally-small ears, and even a complete lack of ears, have been reported too. A total lack of eyelashes and eyebrows are not uncommon. And I have one case of a Woman in Black who had not a single nail on any of her fingers or thumbs. Just rubbery, fleshy skin. And people think the M.I.B. and the W.I.B. are government agents? Not a chance!


Rick Hunter

In one case I read, a woman allowed a male and female MIB into her home. Both had a very stiff legged, unsteady gait as if they were learning to use artificial limbs. They sat down on her couch and, as if on cue, began kissing and fondling each other in a clumsy manner. The witness became uncomfortable and stared at the floor, the male responded by saying "are we not doing it right?" Both MIB then instantly stopped the affectionate behavior and asked the witness if she had ever seen anything strange in the sky, and warned her that is was unwise to talk about such things. They also asked when her husband was expected home. While leaving, they said they would stop by another time to speak with her husband but never did.


As Above So Below
Why the Men in Black are not “Government Agents”
By Nick Redfern

Sometimes, when I’m being interviewed on the matter of the Men in Black, I find that show-hosts want me to avoid talking about the paranormal aspects of the MIB mystery. Yes, really. Why? What I can say for sure is that at least some hosts seem embarrassed by the weirder side of the phenomenon. Too bad for them. I can only tell them as it is. The fact is, though, the “Secret Agent” angle of it all is about as far from the reality of the mystery than you, me, or anyone else could ever get. Indeed, the guy who began the whole MIB mystery – Albert Bender – was absolutely steeped in the worlds of the paranormal, the occult, and the supernatural. John Keel, too – of The Mothman Prophecies – quickly realized the Men in Black were not in the employ of the CIA, FBI, Military Intelligence, etc. They were way too strange and obviously non-human. They still are (yes, I still get a lot of MIB accounts to this day).

I find it fascinating that some people outright want to almost rewrite the history of the real Men in Black. That’s why I feel it’s important to let them know they’re talking out of their collective asses. For a lot of people in Ufology, bringing in the domain of the occult is similar to those Cryptozoologists who get mad when someone (like me, LOL) says Bigfoot is a shape-shifting Tulpa that can become invisible! I could go on and on when it comes to the weirder side of the MIB controversy. There’s a better way of getting the message over, though. It’s by sharing with you a classic, perfect example of why the MIB are far removed from the worlds of the Pentagon or Area 51.

Alison Spence, who I interviewed in 2013, had a very strange encounter with a Man in Black back in the latter part of 1973, when she was living in Pasadena, California. It’s notable, and probably relevant, for me to reveal that a major UFO wave was going on at that time, and all across the United States. While hiking in the California hills one Sunday morning, Alison encountered a classic, silver-colored flying saucer-style UFO which, at first, at least, was high in the sky. Suddenly, it dropped to around fifty or sixty above her, hanging there in an odd, wobbling fashion. Amazed, Alison could only stare as the silent craft bobbed around – like a boat on churning waters – and then shot away at high speed. Alison raced home and excitedly told her family of what had just taken place. They, apparently, weren’t the only ones who knew what had occurred on the fateful morning in 1973. Three days later, and after sunset, Alison had a visitor. Not a welcome one, I should stress. It was a Man in Black, a skinny – almost emaciated – old man, dressed in a shabby black suit, looking pale and ill, and wearing an old, 1950s-style fedora hat.


Alison said that she felt her mind was briefly enslaved, as the MIB near-hypnotically asked her to invite him into her home. In a slight daze, and to her eternal cost, she did exactly that. She retreated to the couch, stumbling slightly and feeling ice-cold. The old man followed her, and stood in the living-room, looming over her, as he warned her – in no uncertain terms – never to discuss her close encounter again. Ever. The MIB then turned around and headed to the door. At that exact same moment, Alison felt her mental faculties return to normal and she raced after him, just as he exited the door and closed it behind him. Alison threw the door open wide, only to find the old Man in Black gone. In his place, however, was something else: it was a large, black dog with bright red eyes. It snapped and snarled in Alison’s direction and in what was clearly a deeply malevolent, dangerous fashion.


Alison stared in horror as the glowing-eyed monster prowled around the yard, clearly intent on adding to the malevolent atmosphere that was already firmly in place. Suddenly, and as if out of nowhere, a large, black Cadillac – that looked decades-old in design – appeared and screeched to a halt outside of Alison’s home. It should be noted, here, that the MIB almost always drive such cars of that particular type, age and color. Alison watched, shocked and scared, as the back door on the driver’s-side opened and the fiendish black hound bounded across the front yard and leapt into the back of the Cadillac, which shot away at high speed!