The Moon is inhabitated

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    What happens when that research is wrong?

    I think you are talking fictional film clips, but the reality are the ones with the white suits

    I am not going to look how this started, but I suppose you are saying that it life existed up there then science would have found it?

    How far are we looking back....1968?

    If I remember correctly this was the time of the ECC82 double diode tubes and HT transformers.
    Are we to assume that this junk was loaded into a rocket and that our astronauts were able to land on the moon?

    For anyone who may not realise, this is science!

    We travel through the highly radioactive Van Allen belts with tin foil for deflection during this Cold War as to be the first to land man on the moon.

    Are we to assume this was the first manned mission to have gone through without a glitch?

    Can you imagine the catastrophic consequence if our first landing had failed?

    Not only would that have shown inferiority but an outstanding failure in arms and conquest .

    Do you honestly expect us to do this research whilst the ones who should be doing the research are playing it by sheer chance?

    This is hardly the enterprise of gaining fellowship?

    Nor is it the basis of learning.

    I cannot accept for one minute that without trial mankind was able to land a man successfully on the moon.

    If that be the case and the basis of learning what have we learnt by it?


    It shows bias, misleading, false interpretation and a doubt whether this actually happened?
    Are we all mesmerised by science that we have to give up all basic values to adopt something based on research that in itself shows inconsistency and false virtues and doubt?

    This is not my learning but again I am not led by the nose.
    Watching old films of fictional status....I would rather not.

    Others is up to them.

    The Clangers are the best I had ever watched.

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